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Unrest in Kazakhstan: President orders shooting without warning-BBC News

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news/240/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg.webp 240w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/320/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg.webp 320w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/480/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg.webp 480w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg.webp 624w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/800/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg.webp 800w” type=”image/webp”/>news/240/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg 240w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/320/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg 320w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/480/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg 480w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/624/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg 624w, https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/800/cpsprodpb/12522/production/_122624057_hi072972985-1.jpg 800w” type=”image/jpeg”/>

Image source,Russian Defence Ministry

Image with text,

Russia said there are 2,500 soldiers in Kazakhstan temporarily.

Large-scale protests in Kazakhstan continue, and its leaders have authorized security forces to “fire without warning.” U.S. Secretary of State Blinken voiced doubts, and Kazakhstan sought Russian military assistance.

“You can shoot without warning”

The anti-government protests in Kazakhstan were violently suppressed. The leader of Kazakhstan said that he ordered the security forces to “fire without warning.”

Kazakhstan President Tokayev also stated that “20,000 robbers” attacked Almaty, the country’s main city. Almaty is the center of protests triggered by rising fuel prices.

He accused “terrorists” trained abroad, but did not provide evidence.

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