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Uschi Glas exposed on “The Masked Singer”.

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Uschi Glas exposed on “The Masked Singer”.

Actress Uschi Glas was exposed on the ProSieben music show “The Masked Singer”. On the second evening of the new season, the 80-year-old received too few votes from the audience in the puzzle show. She therefore had to take off her disguise, the costume of Tapsi, the baby lion. “I would have liked to have participated a little longer. I’m a good loser, but it was a lot of fun.”

As the baby lion Tapsi, she sang the song “Baby Love” by the Supremes on Saturday. Both the three jurors, presenter Palina Rojinski, Rick Kavanian and Linda Zervakis, as well as the TV audience had recently guessed the German audience favorite.

When asked how she was able to hide her absence from her circle of friends for “The Masked Singer,” Glas said dryly: “I just didn’t talk to anyone.” The jury reacted with gratitude and great awe. Rojinski said, “It’s such a great honor to have you here.” And Kavanian added: “I’ve known you since I was three years old.”

Glas reported that she was torn about accepting it: “I watched the show. I thought it would be nice to take part in it. And then the request came. Then I came to a screeching halt: “Can you do that? “” In the end she “just did it”. A week earlier, at the start of the “Masked Singer” season, TV veteran Hugo Egon Balder was unmasked under the “couch potato” costume.

There are now six more masks in the running – a large flip-flop, a crocodile, a cotton candy with googly eyes, a futuristic dog (“Robodog”), the harbinger of spring “Elgonia” and a flea riding on a snail. In the show, celebrities appear as singers but hide their true identities behind large costumes. Only her voice and mysterious clues give any idea who is on stage.

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For the tenth season, ProSieben has made some changes to the format. A mask, “the mystery”, is revealed every week outside of the regular competition – and each time there is a new celebrity underneath. The trick pushes the number of unmaskings in the season to a new high.

The opera singer Rolando Villazón started last week, and on the second evening “the mystery” was the singer, entertainer and TV presenter Giovanni Zarrella. “My God, that was so much fun,” said the 46-year-old, visibly excited. He was so happy about the opportunity to come for just one evening. He immediately agreed. “Being away from a Brazilian household with a Brazilian woman for five or six weeks is forbidden. I’m only allowed to be away for a week at a time.” Zarrella performed the song “Shape Of My Heart” by the Backstreet Boys on stage while wearing a mask.

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