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Valentine’s Day 2024, the celebration of love in “Lent” mode – To say or not to say

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Valentine’s Day 2024, the celebration of love in “Lent” mode – To say or not to say

An expression from the CAN Ivory Coast 2023, the fruit of recognized Ivorian derision, says “May God remove the Gasset from your Valentine’s Day and put your Fae there”. The coincidences of the calendar have meant that Lent seems to want to play at Gasset. Nope.

This year, dear friends, Valentine’s Day is special because February 14 coincides with the start of Christian Lent, especially among Catholics. The video of a religious person recalling Lent, from which we must not turn away because of Valentine’s Day, is creating a buzz.

But don’t worry, I’m here to guide you through this combination of religious constraints and romance.

Valentine’s Day – Loving couple – Royalty free photo: Iwaria.com

You probably want me to tell you who is and isn’t allowed to celebrate love. “You shot to the ground,” as they say in Abidjan. Really “pulled to the ground” like Senegal, the DRC and Nigeria against Ivory Coast respectively in the 8th, quarter, semi and final of CAN 2023.

Ah, Valentine’s Day! This day when love is in the air, hearts beat in unison and romance is celebrated with fervor. Come see Lomé dotted with red and white heart-shaped objects. The word “Love” is unanimous on many media.

Hang in there, because this Valentine’s Day will be anything but ordinary!

Start gently

Sure, Lent can seem like a hindrance to your Valentine’s Day plan. But rather see it as an opportunity to return to the very essence of this holiday: love and generosity.

Instead of launching into a lavish feast, start with a sweet and thoughtful gesture towards your loved one. A sincere love letter, a carefully picked bouquet of flowers or even a simple warm hug can ignite hearts more than any banquet.

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In all, do not forget the rules and the framework within which the Church authorizes love. I don’t want you to go and confess to the priest that I encouraged you to disobey the Almighty.

A feast of… moderate flavors

Lent means dietary restrictions, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up all forms of gustatory pleasure. As I often say “Eat first”. So opt for a delicious fast-breaking dinner. Let yourself be inspired by the creativity and finesse of flavors, while respecting the traditions of Lent. And don’t forget dessert! Fresh fruits from the plateaux region (Kpalimé, Atakpamé, Amou-Oblo, etc.), a delicious fruit salad or even a light cake will perfectly end this meal in style.

Valentine’s Day – A good meal with good wine – Free photo: Iwaria.com

For couples who are legal and have obtained the nuptial blessing, go as you wish. But for the others, I repeat, go and see what is granted to you.

A glass (or two) of wine

Although Lent calls for moderation, a small glass of wine can fit perfectly into your romantic evening. Opt for a light, fruity and refreshing wine, to be enjoyed in moderation of course. If you are in Africa, do not hesitate to use palm wine (déha, bandji, bunuk, matango depending on the country), it is also sweet.

Let yourself be carried away by the subtle aromas and delicate notes, while savoring the presence of your loved one by your side.

Create memorable moments

Valentine’s Day is above all an opportunity to create precious memories with your other half.

So take advantage of this day to venture into activities that nourish your soul and strengthen your bonds. A romantic walk under the stars, a romantic home cinema session, or why not a board game evening for two. The important thing is to savor every moment, to laugh, to share and to celebrate love in all its simplicity and beauty.

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In times of Lent, the “legal half” is queen, know that. Don’t say that I said that outside of Lent we can have several halves.

Note that I will not be, directly or indirectly, involved in any other act committed in “religious illegality” (who knows what that means). Any offender will bear responsibility alone before God and before men

All in all, on this special Valentine’s Day, Lent adds a touch of sobriety and reflection to our usual celebrations. But far from being an obstacle, this unexpected combination invites us to revisit our traditions with creativity and love. So, whether you are in a relationship or single, whether you follow Lent or not, remember that the essence of Valentine’s Day lies in sharing, tenderness and the joy of loving and being loved.

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!

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