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Vojin Ćetković on Tanasija Uzunović | Entertainment

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Vojin Ćetković on Tanasija Uzunović |  Entertainment

National Theater Drama champion Tanasije Uzunović, who died on March 10 at the age of 81, was buried today in the Alley of Deserving Citizens at the New Cemetery in Belgrade.

Izvor: YouTube/screenshot/ATA Images/Antonio Ahel

A commemoration for actor Tanasi Uzunović was held in Belgrade today, where colleagues and friends remembered the events of his life, but also the mark that this legend of Serbian theater left on them.

The last salute to the great actor was given by Siniša Kovačević, who, addressing the family and friends gathered at the commemoration, said that “others slept under his roof while he was homeless”.

“Dear Biljana and Sofija, respected family, I have spoken several times in situations like this when saying goodbye to friends and it has never been this difficult for me. Brother Taso and friend, thank you for everything, for Zaria Vučić and many other roles. If someone’s place will be vacant it will be yours. My Mr. Uzunović, a man is born with economy. Thank you for every rehearsal and filming day where you came absolutely ready. Thank you for your sincere concern for the development of young colleagues, which they were often not even aware of. Others slept under your roofs while you were homeless. Talent is always alone, mediocrity and mediocrity seek a group. May God give you a paradise settlement, you deserve it. May he heal the scars on your soul that you carry, forgive and sleep in peace, brother,” said the author of the famous “Great Drama”.

Vojin Ćetković revealed unknown details from the filming of the series “My cousin from the village”.

“My first partner was Tanasije Uzunović. The one who scared the brave partisans and whom I dreamed of. I saw him for the first time in Dejan Mijač’s play. His virtuosity still blows my mind. Later we played in Shakespeare’s tragedy and later in the series “My Cousin from the village”. I remember how he asked to wear a white shirt and jeans, which he was not happy with for the next two years. I approached him and said that he was playing the role of the uncle whom I loved the most, and I was difficult to love. He came, hugged stroked my hair, and from then until now he was my uncle. He was complicatedly wonderful. I called him Thasos from Rhodes. He was my friend and I was his. I miss you Thasos and I will miss you.” are the emotional words of Ćetković.

Source: Kurir television

Source: Kurir television

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