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Vučić’s speech after the negotiations in Ohrid | Info

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Vučić’s speech after the negotiations in Ohrid |  Info

After the day-long negotiations between Aleksandar Vučić and Aljbin Kurti and Jozep Borelj, he addressed the public.

Izvor: RTS/screenshot

“We have reached some kind of agreement, but this will not be all. It is important to say that these few points that we have agreed on – they will become part of the negotiation framework for both parties. The European Council will make a decision to make it part of the negotiation agreement. One of the key points is that the European Council will be on the road which is long and serious, nothing ends tonight, they will evaluate how much has been done by the implementation plan which will have to be expanded.

In it, apart from the important point that it will be that we have taken note that the EU will include it as part of the negotiation framework and that it will be evaluated independently for both parties, it is also of great importance that as the formation of the ZSO is a priority obligation. And I have to say that I am satisfied with that. It is still being talked about missing persons, donor conferences, and the implementation plan will have to be upgraded. I know that the Albanian side will say that I didn’t sign anything, and we both made it clear what our red lines were, and I think that we made a good move in a constructive atmosphere and that we will continue to work. Be patient, this was not D-Day,” said the President of Serbia.

“I will present each point tomorrow, from Monday I will be ready to receive representatives of the parliament for consultations in the months ahead, it is not an easy job. I believe that the Pristina side will immediately fulfill the formation of the ZSO, if we want to persist on the EU path, our progress will be appreciated by how ready we are to implement the agreed “, stated Vučić.

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Donor conference

“We have to form a commission that will be chaired by the EU, there is a deadline when something is finished, that is the donor conference in five months. I will not stop Kurti’s torment, he asked for it to be included in the document, I asked for it to be included so that everything it must be in accordance with the Constitution of Serbia. We do not have many obligations in this part, I will not mislead anyone, when we meet next time, then we will talk about our obligations. This is a difficult process, it is important to me that I said what our obligations are red lines,” answered Vučić to a journalist’s question.


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