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What about the end of the Merkel era, the new German government’s China policy? | German Traffic Light Government | Xi Haiming | Peng Xiaoming

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[Epoch Times November 28, 2021](The Epoch Times reporter Huang Qin Germany reported) The new German government has now completed the formation of a cabinet, which is faster than previously estimated. On November 24, the German Social Democratic Party, the Green Party and the Liberal Democratic Party reached an agreement to turn on a new government with traffic lights. The outgoing Prime Minister Merkel admitted in an interview with Reuters on November 17 that the China policy she implemented during her tenure may have been naive at first.

In the new government alliance agreement, it no longer mentions the “strategic partnership” that Germany-China relations have often emphasized in the past. Instead, it highlights the competitive relationship between the two countries in trade and political systems, and points out that human rights and international law are the basis for bilateral cooperation. And hope to follow fair rules of the game in the competition with China.

In order to defend the values ​​and interests of Europe, the new German government also advocates strengthening the coordination of China‘s policies within the European Union and on both sides of the Atlantic, and intends to cooperate with other countries with similar ideas to “reduce the strategic dependence on China.” For any change in the status quo of the Taiwan Strait, the new German government believes that it must be carried out peacefully based on the wishes of both parties. Germany will also support Democratic Taiwan’s participation in international organizations.

In response, the Epoch Times reporter interviewed several celebrities who have been actively calling for human rights in China, and asked them to talk about the evaluation and expectations of the old and new German government. Including the spokesperson of the FDC Headquarters and former President of the All-German Federation of Students, Peng Xiaoming, the Chairman of Southern Mongolia Da Hural, and the Chairman of the People’s Party of Inner Mongolia Xi Haiming, as well as the Chairman of the European East Turkistan Association, the former Vice Chairman of the World Uyghur Assembly and the Silver Medal of the Constitution of Bavaria, Germany. Winner Asgar Can (Asgar Can) and others.

Xi Haiming: Maintaining economic development, but will not sit idly by the totalitarian expansion of the CCP

“In the resolution of the new German government alliance, I noticed that China is mentioned more often than the United States and France combined.” Xi Haiming said, “The Taiwan issue is discussed separately, and the principle of peace and respect for the wishes of both parties is adopted. It is very clear that China (the CCP) cannot engage in hegemonism and impose it on others.

“The new government also mentioned competition and cooperation in terms of value and technology. On the one hand, Germany is the largest economic entity in Europe; on the other hand, China has replaced the United States as Germany’s largest trading partner in 2016. We still have to fight steadily and strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights. Regarding the issues of Taiwan and the South China Sea, we will keep pace with international democracies such as the United States and Japan.

“Sino-German relations may maintain a certain degree of economic development while steadily, but in terms of human rights and international affairs, Germany will not sit idly by and ignore China‘s (CCP) totalitarian expansion and suppression of democracy.”

Xi Haiming, Chairman of the Great Hural of Southern Mongolia. The picture shows him attending the Crossroads of Humanity: Democracy and Despotism-Uygur, Tibetan, Mongolian, Han, Hong Kong and Taiwan in Berlin, Germany, September 30, 2021. (Scutellaria baicalensis/Epoch Times)

Xi Haiming believes that in the past, Merkel mainly considered German economic interests, labor market and exports. She went to China to visit China mainly to discuss human rights issues in China before returning home, because she had to face inquiries from the press and human rights organizations in Germany after her return. She just mentioned that she didn’t want to get into a stalemate with China (the CCP).

According to Reuters reports, Merkel believes that Germany and other EU countries should continue to cooperate with China (the CCP) and learn from each other. Reuters quoted Merkel as saying, “In my opinion, complete decoupling may be wrong and will cause us harm.”

“I don’t think Merkel is good to China (the CCP), because she mainly considers the economy, exports and the Chinese market.” Xi Haiming said, “Germany is too naive and believes in the CCP when it comes to China. Why is the West The Chinese Communists cheat? The Western tradition is that people should be honest and abide by contracts. They think that China is so big and has five thousand years of civilization. Chinese people look very simple and honest.”

“Actually, the CCP has wiped out all the good virtues of the Chinese people. The cultural wilderness has become commonplace.” Xi Haiming said, “The CCP spends a lot of money in the West every day to cheat the trust of Westerners. .But the real Chinese themselves do not believe this, or few people will believe it.

“Now the West sees China (the CCP) more and more clearly. Like this Peng Shuai incident, they (the CCP) brought in the chairman of the Olympic Committee to testify. The regime that persecuted Peng Shuai is deceiving international public opinion.

“Now Merkel realizes that Germany’s China policy is too naive. But she has stepped down. Although she still has a certain impact, it can’t make an absolute difference. After the new government comes to power, I don’t think she will have anything to do with the Chinese government (CCP) immediately. Yes. But China (the CCP) wants to deceive the Europeans, or coax Europeans to make them gullible, no longer works. The evil face of the CCP has been recognized. In the process of The Epoch Times’ “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party,” Also played a big role.

“I hope that the new German government can no longer trust China (the CCP) as it did during the Merkel era, stop being deceived, and recognize China (the CCP). It turned out that the West thought that as long as the economy was good, it was enough. Now the West is gradually realizing freedom. The traditional value of democracy cannot be shaken. Everyone has begun to work together to fight against the CCP’s hegemony, tyranny, and anti-democratic and anti-liberal totalitarianism.

“I think the new government will move forward in this regard, and I hope they will move forward in great strides. Germany is an important industrial country in the West and can play as important an economically as it is in maintaining the traditional values ​​of freedom and democracy. Role.” Xi Haiming expressed his hopes for the new German government.

Peng Xiaoming: As long as the CCP is in power for one day, Germany cannot let go of vigilance

Peng Xiaoming, a spokesperson for the FDC headquarters, said, “The foreign policy of the traffic light government has basically been clear. I am still worried that the Germans have always been less firm and less clear in their policies towards China (the CCP) for a long time. They just talk about human rights and fairness.” Said, “But we have seen that Germany has not categorically expressed to China (the CCP) for a long time. Fairness and human rights were also talked about in Germany 20 years ago, but China (the CCP) did not implement it at all. Now that the government has changed, it is again. An opportunity.”

“We should remind the traffic light government once again that it should not have illusions about China (the Chinese Communist Party), but should adhere to the basic principles of fairness and human rights very practically and categorically, otherwise it will not be good for Germany or the world, because Germany, after all, It’s a major power in Europe.”

Peng Xiaoming felt that both Germany and the EU were a bit naive, and imagined the CCP too well. He believed that Germany could not let go of its vigilance against the CCP.

“The Chinese government (the CCP) treats many dissidents and believers in the same way.” Peng Xiaoming said in an interview with Epoch Times. “Whether it is Jiang Zemin or others, these things have always been suppressed. Western society sometimes says Once I said it, I didn’t mention it after a while. I didn’t always insist on opposing, criticizing, accusing or adhering to Western values. This has not been done well. Merkel is also ashamed of the Chinese people in this respect, so it should be said.”

Peng Xiaoming believes that the German government has been naive for a long time, and still has illusions about the CCP, and feels that it is different from the CPSU. Even the CCP shot and killed people on June 4th, but it has not always stood up. The Germans do not have the vigilance that the CCP should be, and the CCP has been arbitrarily large and can’t get rid of it. “As long as the CCP is in power for a day, Germany cannot let go of its vigilance.”

“In the future, the Federal Republic of Germany must be calm when handling China‘s relations, and see that the CCP’s promise is not credible.” Peng Xiaoming mentioned that Churchill once said that the Communist Party’s promise is worth less than the paper they signed. “This kind of promise of an untrustworthy and unethical negotiator should never be trusted.”

“The road ahead will be long, and it will take a long time. As long as the CCP is in power for one day, Germany can’t let go of its vigilance. Letting go is too naive and too stupid!” Peng Xiaoming said.

Asgar Zen: A political boycott of the Beijing Winter Olympics should be implemented

“I think it’s a pity that Merkel understands this too late, she is no longer in position. If she can understand it earlier, it would be better to take corresponding actions earlier.” Mr. Zen said, “We think that German politicians, In particular, the German government is low-key and passive on human rights issues. They have used their actions to strengthen the monster (the CCP). Now it is difficult to stop this monster. Maybe it is not too late, but it is very difficult.”

“Now Germany and the European Union must implement more active policies to stop China (the CCP) from expanding, otherwise it will be too late.” Mr. Zen said, “Of course we hope to adopt sanctions (on the CCP), but we cannot be immersed in self-satisfaction. Because these sanctions are far from enough. The sanctions on several senior officials (the Chinese Communist Party) do not allow them to enter the European Union and will not have much effect. More effective measures must be taken. All their China-related affairs are related to human rights. This point must be clearly stated. It cannot be recognized that China (the CCP) treats its own people, as well as Uyghurs, Tibetans, etc., regardless of the circumstances in which it contacts with China (the CCP), should constantly mention this kind of human rights. problem.”

Munich, Germany, boycotts the Beijing Winter Olympics every week. The picture shows Asgar Can, chairman of the European East Turkistan Association and former vice chairman of the Uyghur Congress, speaking. (Scutellaria baicalensis/Epoch Times)

Asgar Chan talked about specific measures that should be a political boycott of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics. He felt that it might not be possible to stop the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, political boycotts could be adopted to minimize participation or fundamentally. Will not participate in the Beijing Winter Olympics.

“And it must be clearly stated that it is because China (the CCP) has trampled on human rights, the persecution of the Han people, and the extinction of the Uyghur population, not because of the new crown virus (the CCP virus).” He said, “Of course. , Not only in Germany, but should also act together with the European Union to send a strong signal, so that it may have an impact on China (the CCP).”

“The new German government should bring Merkel’s mistakes back to the right track. Merkel recognized these mistakes too late.” Asgar Zen believes that the new government (Social Democratic Party, Green Party and Liberal Democratic Party) has this Possibility, learn the lessons of the past, “Of course, at that time the Social Democratic Party (SPD) was also in power with the Coalition Party (CDU/CSU). Now the new government must take this seriously and keep this issue on the agenda, and it is dealing with China. During the process, respect for human rights should be linked with the closure of re-education camps.”

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