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who is her boyfriend Fabrizio Vittorini/ By her side since her injury in 2018

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who is her boyfriend Fabrizio Vittorini/ By her side since her injury in 2018

Carolina Kostner in Sanremo 2024: career, successes and injury of the skating champion

Carolina Kostner she will be a guest this evening at the 2024 Sanremo Festival, where she returns after the previous one hosted in the 2016 edition, where she could appear alongside her boyfriend (now almost historical) Fabrizio Vittoriniosteopath and physiotherapist who followed her during the 2018 Olympics. The couple has always been quite reserved about their private life, although there is no doubt that they are very close, ready to get married and even have a child.

Before getting to know her boyfriend Fabrizio Vittorini ‘better’, however, let’s retrace Carolina Kostner’s last years. Among the most accredited and talented Italian skaters, she won a bronze at the 2014 Winter Olympics, while in 2012 she earned the title of world champion. She was, however, Italian champion nine times, while she finished three consecutive seasons in first position in the ISU (International Skating Union) world rankings. In 2018, however, Carolina Kostner’s career suffered a bad setback, even though she began the relationship with Fabrizio Vittorini. The champion, that year, announced a hip injury, never completely resolved, and which prevented his return to the scene. Now, although she says she is happy, she is not willing to hang up her skates and she does not completely rule out the possibility of becoming coach.

Fabrizio Vittorini: who is Carolina Kostner’s boyfriend

Who is Fabrizio Vittorini, Carolina Kostner’s boyfriend? As anticipated, the information available about the couple is rather limited and the same also applies to Vittorini’s private life and past. Originally from Tuscany, he practiced theAthleticsand then dedicated himself to the osteopathy sector, becoming the physiotherapist of the champion at the 2018 Olympics, about six months before the injury.

As Carolina Kostner herself said, the relationship with her boyfriend Fabrizio Vittorini began after the Olympics, when it was limitedly professional. Now, not much is known about their relationship, between rumors and rumours, except that last year she said she was openly available to marry your partnerunderlining that among the many projects she is pursuing “definitely becoming a mother and having one all my family And [uno] which I particularly care about.”

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