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Why is World Radio Day celebrated on February 13? | Present

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Why is World Radio Day celebrated on February 13?  |  Present


This Tuesday, February 13, World Radio Day is celebrated. The entire world pays tribute to this medium, thanks to an initiative that emerged in 2011, when the United Nations decreed that UNESCO member countries would celebrate World Radio Day. A medium that has been with us for years, informing and entertaining us, that is capable of reaching the most remote corners and that accompanies us in any daily situation of our lives. It was not until 2012 that the United Nations General Assembly established February 13 as WRD, World Radio Day.

This year, the Generalitat of Catalonia has declared 2024 as the year of the radiosince it marks 100 years since the start of Radio Barcelona broadcasts, the first licensed in the State, inaugurated in Barcelona on November 14, 1924 by members of the National Broadcasting Association.

Its callsign, EAJ-1, distinguished it as the first license granted. The name comes from the radio amateur codes: E for Spain, AJ because that is what wireless telegraphy stations are called, and 1 for being the first. From the beginning, radio has had a significant number of followers, who follow the evolution of the new medium.

EAJ-1, Radio Barcelona


The first broadcasts generated great expectation among the population. You couldn’t listen to the radio at any time of the day, but content was broadcast at specific times: live music, cultural programs, conferences, plays or spaces dedicated to women or children.

Radio evolves to become a means of information and entertainment that accompanies listeners in their daily lives, contributing to the dissemination of culture and achieving outstanding notoriety among the population. So much so that today it is one of the most reliable media according to trust indices around the world.

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