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words for dad

Dedication by Emma Marrone to her father at Sanremo 2024. The artist, after thanking her family and her audience, wanted to dedicate this “wonderful” festival to her father Rosario “who was the first to launch me on stage. I was just 10 years old “. She then adds: “I want to promise him that I will stay on this stage as long as I have breath in my body.”

Guest of Domenica In, last October, Emma Marrone, remembering her father, who passed away after an illness, said: “I would have done everything for him but we couldn’t do anything, it hurt me a lot to see my father suffer so much”. “There are more treatable and less violent leukemias, in my father’s case there was a chain of events that did not make salvation possible. The thing that I still have to cure and which devastated me more than death itself was seeing my superhero, beautiful, big, becoming smaller and smaller, more and more suffering and feeling helpless in the face of all this”, he said again.

“There was never anything ‘unsaid’ in our house, I always told him that I loved him. There wasn’t a day when I didn’t tell him ‘I love you, goodnight dad’. We felt 7- 8 times a day, always. I was with him until the end, so I have no regrets. I promised him many things and I’m fulfilling them”, she concluded.

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