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Zoran Vidić apologized for the meeting with Milanović Info

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Zoran Vidić apologized for the meeting with Milanović  Info

Brod Municipality Mayor Zoran Vidić apologized today for his meeting with Croatian President Zoran Milanović during his visit to Derventa, during which he honored the infamous HVO 103rd Brigade.

Source: MONDO/Vedran Ševčuk

“I am sorry that I put anyone in a situation where they thought anything bad, both about Brod and the Municipal Committee of the Serbian Democratic Party in Brod and about me personally. My apologies for putting myself in such a situation that someone thought that I had any bad intentions”, said the mayor of Brod, Zoran Vidić, at today’s press conference, which was held in Brod, commenting on his meeting with the President of Croatia, Zoran Milanović.

“My fault is that I did not anticipate Zoran Milanović’s visit in the best way, but I believe that other institutions were responsible for that because it is not the job of the mayor of a municipality, but our job is to present our municipality in the best way,” said Vidić.

Vidić said that this apology is his obligation to the Serbian Democratic Party.

“President Milan Miličević and members of the SDS Presidency Đorđe Milićević and Jovica Radulović last night informed OO SDS Brod what impact the media presentation of the entire event had on the public,” said Vidić.

He says that the whole event happened because he was invited as a guest to a Catholic parish in Brod where Zoran Milanović was also a guest.

“I responded out of politeness, not knowing what was happening in Derventa that day. It is incredible to me that any statesman would come to the territory of any country to award decorations to another’s army. At the gathering, I behaved like all the other guests, of which there were about 50. After that, it was presented to the media that I welcomed the president of Croatia who decorated the Croatian brigade, which I do not support and condemn. “My grandfather died in the last war, and my father and uncles were all members of the Republika Srpska Army,” said Vidić.

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He says that when we put this visit in the context of the massacre in Sijekovac, it is clear what kind of media image can be made of it.


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