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ԭ⣺ǣϹ 74Ԫ????

626 䣬(002623) 壬˾Ϲ(688599)ǩ1.6mmġսԺЭ ͨ˴οͺһʵδʹ1.6mmгŲԲг嶶

Լ Լ 20226120251231 䣬 Ϲ 61.6mmԤϼ3.375ƽ f Ԥͬ ܶ Լ 74.25 Ԫ˰úͬ ܽ ϵ Ѷ 2220226¹Ϣ2mmǰͱľ22Ԫ / ƽ f˰ Ԥ 㡣

74.25ДДДжжţ÷Ъ3ФЪ2021ДжЯ3.6ХӪЪ20.32ДЬ12.71% Нϼ۸ԣҭϼ۸ڽҵɱնжţ÷Ϊ3ЯжЪ2021 Ӫжţ÷ЪВжжţ÷ЪжжжţЪ


꣬ϹӪҵ Է ϹΪȫͷҵͬλ ڽʡ СϹ١ ٴɶʵʿ˲ڹ ꣬ϹӪҵ2021꣬ϹӪҵ444.80Ԫͬ51.20% 18.04Ԫͬ46.77%



ָ ǣЭ ۼ۸ɸ гЭȷͬйУҵ ߵ г 仯 ˫Ӫ Ե ȲԤƻ????ɿ ص Ӱ 죬 ܻᵼ ºͬ ޷ ȫ ȫС

гϣ ٴ ǰһ չɼ ۻ һͣһ ܣ ùǽ18% 33.44Ԫ / ɣǰ ֵ Լ 67 Ԫ

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