Home Business 3.2 million yuan investment, only more than 2,000 left, Beijing woman angrily sues the bank | wealth management project | execution money | bank claim

3.2 million yuan investment, only more than 2,000 left, Beijing woman angrily sues the bank | wealth management project | execution money | bank claim

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3.2 million yuan investment, only more than 2,000 left, Beijing woman angrily sues the bank | wealth management project | execution money | bank claim

[Epoch Times, May 14, 2022](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Li Yun) Jiao, who lives in Beijing, invested 3.2 million yuan (RMB, the same below) to buy “a particularly good financial management project” because of the recommendation of a financial manager. ”, and only received an execution payment of 2,190 yuan. She angrily sued the bank for the entire loss. Recently, the court’s second-instance judgment, the bank bears 50% of the responsibility.

On May 14, the Daily Economic News reported that Jiao, who was nearly 60 years old, was an old customer of the Beijing Taiyanggong Branch of China Guangfa Bank, because the deposit in the branch expired in October 2012. The bank’s wealth management manager Guo recommended her a particularly good wealth management project, claiming that it is “safe and secure”.

The next day, Guo recommended Jiao and another depositor, Ms. He, to buy “Jiangxiang Coal Industry” wealth management by “pooling orders”. Jiao then invested 2 million yuan and Ms. He invested 1.87 million. The two invested a total of 3.87 million yuan.

Daguanyan Fund, as a general partner, invested 18 million yuan to subscribe for 3% of the equity of “Jiangxiang Coal Industry”, and Geng, a legal person of Jixiang Coal Industry, invested 10 million yuan per phase as the inferior fund.

If you purchase the product for an amount of 3 million to 8 million in terms of income, the first-year rate of return is 12%, and the second-year rate of return is 13%.

In January 2013, Jiao once again purchased another product of Daguanyan Fund through the introduction of Guo, and invested in the Shanxi natural gas project. Jiao invested 1.2 million yuan, and the agreed rate of return was 11% in the first year and 12% in the second year.

However, investors’ transfers are paid through the account of China Guangfa Bank, and the agreed income payment is also transferred back to the account of China Guangfa Bank.

In November 2013, the Jixiang coal project invested by Jiao expired. Guo said that there was a problem with the payment, and it was expected that the principal and interest would be repaid within 3 months, but in the end, the news of the accident of the Daguanyan Fund came.

In May 2014, Zhong Mouren, the head of the Daguanyan Fund, was arrested; in July 2016, Zhong Mou was sentenced to 8 years for illegally absorbing public deposits.

After that, the fund redemption of the Daguanyan Fund was also in trouble. Jiao’s investment in the financial product was unable to pay the principal and income, resulting in heavy losses.

Because the principal of 3.2 million yuan previously invested could not be paid, Jiao only got back the execution payment of 2,190 yuan, so he took the Guangfa Bank Taiyanggong branch to court. She believes that the bank has not fulfilled its prudence obligations and is responsible for its losses. shirk the responsibility and demand compensation of 3.2 million yuan and related interest losses.

The court found that the two parties were at fault, and Jiao assumed 50% of the responsibility for his investment losses, while the Taiyanggong Branch of China Guangfa Bank assumed 50% of the responsibility for Jiao’s investment losses.

China Guangfa Bank refused to accept the judgment and appealed to revoke the first-instance judgment. The court held that the appeal request of China Guangfa Bank was untenable and should be rejected.

Jiao Mou said that the case has been 9 to 10 years. In addition to the loss of the principal, there are many years of interest, and the human and material resources spent to recover the loss, the spiritual loss caused is immeasurable.

Mainland netizens have heatedly said: “These financial management are very tricky now!” “The laws and regulations do not protect the private property of ordinary people.” “Such a case actually takes ten years, the bank can afford it, and the interest cannot be paid. not enough!”

Responsible editor: Sun Yun

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