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30 percent return: I have these stocks and ETFs in my portfolio

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30 percent return: I have these stocks and ETFs in my portfolio

Luba Schöning is an enthusiastic tech investor. Getty Images/Yuichiro Chino/UMushroom

Luba Schöning worked in the banking industry for 20 years. The 48-year-old worked for companies such as Lehman Brothers, Julius Baer and Credit Suisse before co-founding the fintech UMushroom.

In the interview, Schöning explains which stocks and ETFs she was able to use to generate a return of 30 percent last year. She primarily focuses on tech stocks and reveals who her current favorite is.

Luba Schöning still remembers her first investment exactly. The student at the time had just moved from Bulgaria to Switzerland to study. She promptly decided on a Swiss bank – a call option on UBS.

An exciting affair for the young woman. Because the stock market wasn’t an issue at home. “My parents didn’t invest at all,” said Schöning. But for them it was the start – and not just to the stock market, but also to the banking world.

After studying economics, Schöning worked at Lehman Brothers in the area of ​​structured derivatives, then at Credit Suisse and Julius Baer, ​​where she looked after investment solutions for the largest bank customers. After almost 20 years in the banking industry, she set up her own business with her colleague Tonia Zimmermann and founded the fintech UMushroom in 2020. The fintech offers an investment platform for investments. Customers can create a portfolio, find out about investments and exchange ideas with other users.

“To be honest, I came to strategic investing relatively late in my life,” admits Schöning. The reason: It just never really became a habit for her. She always invested here and there, but never followed a real strategy. Since 2020, however, Schöning has been using a so-called core-satellite strategy. A stable buy-and-hold portfolio – the core part – is supplemented by several individual investments, so-called satellites.

As an enthusiastic tech investor, Schöning was able to generate a return of around 30 percent with this strategy last year – which, however, is not the norm and can be attributed to the boom in some technology stocks. Business Insider got an insight into the portfolio and was able to check the profits. However, Schöning does not want to make her entire portfolio assets public. “I am very disciplined in the core part,” explains Schöning. Which means: There she saves three ETFs every month, into which 70 percent of her savings flow. “Core is discipline and protection – Satellite is passion and fun.”

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