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30,000 euro return thanks to crypto: This is how I protect myself from a crash

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30,000 euro return thanks to crypto: This is how I protect myself from a crash

Julius Reidel (24) blogs on Instagram under the name “Youth.Financials”. Julius Reidel/Getty Images

After a slow decline, the value of cryptocurrencies is rising again. Bitcoin recently almost broke the $50,000 mark.

24-year-old finfluencer Julius Reidel continues to expand his crypto portfolio despite market volatility. He particularly focuses on Bitcoin.

Around three years ago, in 2021, many crypto supporters could hardly believe their luck. The currencies were booming, new investors came onto the market and “a little bit of crypto” as a way to diversify your portfolio was almost part of it. At that time, Bitcoin reached its peak: 56,000 euros – after having already exceeded the 50,000 mark twice in the year.

Then came the slow descent. The value fell for two years until Bitcoin fell to 15,400 euros in December 2022. Now the value is rising again – and with it investors’ trust in cryptocurrencies. One of them is the 24-year-old finfluencer Julius Reidel. In an interview with Business Insider, he explains why he is backing digital currencies after a long bear market – and how he wants to protect himself in the future.

Reidel, who blogs about personal finance under the Instagram name “Youth.Financials,” has been able to massively expand his crypto portfolio over the past 12 months. The value of the portfolio increased by 30,000 euros over the course of the year. This is shown by the 24-year-old’s excerpts, which Business Insider was able to see.

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A look at his entire portfolio shows that his confidence in Bitcoin is high. “During the last crypto bull market, I took the profits from it and reinvested them in dividend stocks,” says Reidel. That has now changed. A bull market is a period of time in the stock market in which stocks or other investments steadily rise. The opposite of a bull market is the so-called bear market, in which values ​​fall.

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