Home Business A well-known Tencent programmer passed away. Insider: Suspected depression made many netizens feel sorry.

A well-known Tencent programmer passed away. Insider: Suspected depression made many netizens feel sorry.

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Original title: Tencent’s well-known programmer dies. Insider: Suspected depression makes many netizens feel sorry

Tencent’s well-known programmer dies insider: suspected depression

The news of the death of Tencent’s game developer Mao Xingyun was finally confirmed by the authorities, which made many netizens feel sorry. After all, they are still too young and the relevant professional skills are also very strong.

According to Tencent, Tianmei F1 studio employee Mao Xingyun died unexpectedly on the morning of December 11. People familiar with the matter said that Mao Xingyun is a recognized “great god” in the industry, with outstanding professional capabilities. Not long ago, he announced the establishment of Tianmei F1 studio on Zhihu, which will focus on original 3A and open world games. “The news of his death After it came out, everyone couldn’t believe it. Mao Xingyun was suspected of being depressed and had been hospitalized for some time due to some physical reasons.”

Tencent’s well-known programmer dies insider: suspected depression

In addition, it is also reported that Mao Xingyun’s previous depression may be related to the failure of the new 3A game he developed. Tencent did not respond to this, but said that it will communicate closely with the family and will follow up on the premise of fully respecting the wishes of the family. Follow-up.

Public information shows that Mao Xingyun was born in 1991 and was admitted to the “China-Ukraine Joint Training Program of Aerospace” in Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics in 2009. After two years of undergraduate training, he went to Ukraine to study for the third and fourth year. During his study abroad, he completed the book “Dream Journey: Windows Game Programming from Zero” with more than 1 million words. The book was published by Tsinghua University Press in 2013 when he returned to China to pursue a master’s degree.

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According to Jinling Evening News, in April 2014, Mao Xingyun received a congratulatory letter from Microsoft Corporation in the United States, congratulating him on becoming the winner of the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) award of the year. It is understood that MVP is a global award granted by Microsoft to third-party technology professionals. It is the highest award for global IT and Internet technology application experts. It is selected every year among tens of millions of technology professionals worldwide.

Mao Xingyun often encourages his peers on Weibo, telling them that “interest and enthusiasm are the best teachers.” In 2013, he also talked about his dream on social platforms: “I have a dream. One day, Journey to the West will be able to play ACT and fight the gods and kill the Buddha. That is definitely more than the god of war. I have a dream, one day , Shanghai can play sandbox games, instead of playing “GTA” to experience the American dream, or playing “Blood Rogue” to experience the “Chinese culture” that foreign companies forcibly impose on us. I have a dream, one day, many 3A masterpieces don’t need to be localized, because it’s our own game. I have a dream that one day in the future, domestic games can face the world and the universe as a leader like other industries in China. Exciting and exuberant. Domestically produced will not fail, and the stand-alone will last forever. Waiting for our good news!”Return to Sohu to see more


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