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Adoldo Spezzaferro director of l’Identità, Tommaso Cerno al Tempo

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Adoldo Spezzaferro director of l’Identità, Tommaso Cerno al Tempo

Adolfo Spezzaferro (photo from X)

Adoldo Spezzaferro director of l’Identità

Adolfo Spezzaferro is the new director of l’Identità of which he has been managing editor for the past year and a half. He takes over from Tommaso Cerno who has taken over the helm of Il Tempo.

Davide Vecchi leaves the editorship of ‘Il Tempo’. Tommaso Cerno arrives

“This is the last issue of Il Tempo that I sign as editor-in-chief. After exactly two years I leave Piazza Colonna. Twenty-four months in which a lot has been done. This newspaper is a community, with values ​​and principles firmly rooted in the tradition and history of our country, of our homeland. We are simply faithful to certain principles that are unquestionable for us”, writes Davide Vecchi in the editorial published on the website of the newspaper Il Tempo.

Davide Vecchi – Tommaso Cerno (Imagoeconomica photo)

The new director will be Tommaso Cerno. “Whoever arrives after me will find a close-knit group of journalists, capable of working as a team – we read in Davide Vecchi’s editorial – A group of journalists who today represents the history and soul of Il Tempo. And who I am sure will know help and support the new director’s new course, Tommaso Cerno, a colleague with long political experience and who will certainly be able to find the tools to continue projecting this newspaper into the future while respecting its founding principles and values. Thank you readers of Il Tempo.”

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