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Agriculture, Lollobrigida: “Lactalis fined for abuse of dominant position”

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Agriculture, Lollobrigida: “Lactalis fined for abuse of dominant position”

Agriculture, Lollobrigida: “Italy is a protagonist in the EU, we need to create income and competitiveness”

“Italy on the strengthening of agricultural world he is thinking as a protagonist, in the Treaties of Rome agriculture was a strategic sector, the cornerstone of a new Europe which guaranteed its citizens food safety and guaranteeing the income to farmers avoided the depopulation of the weakest areas”. This is what the Minister of Agriculture, Food Sovereignty and Forestry said Francesco Lollobrigida intervening at The market in Masseriathe event of Bruno Vespawhich takes place at the Terme di Saturnia.

“Il agricultural sector and production it is our main business card and where there is agriculture, there is environmental Protection“. As for the next one Agrifish on Monday 26 February Lollobrigida says: “Let’s go as Italy with a document that represents what we mean by improvement of agriculture and that is to go back to ’57 and say that Europe is based on some indispensable elements and agriculture is one of these, it must be created income changing proposals and solutions and we believe there is sensitivity. Europe is waiting for Italy to have its say.”

“Europe must correct some mistakes and redirect itself as a leader and guide and know how to be competitive on the markets because United States e Chinese they play games in the interests of their nations,” the minister said.

Lactalis, Lollobrigida: “100 administrative actions issued for dominant position”

“These days something very difficult from a communication point of view, with the Inspectorate we have provided 100 actions of an administrative nature to the largest multinational milk company, the Lactaliswhich in Italy took advantage of its dominant position to unilaterally review i contracts with our producers of milk lowering their income”, declared Lollobrigida.

“It is forbidden and since even the largest European milk company in Italy must respect the rules of this nation – he added – we have given a positive signal of strength which does not serve to create conditions Lactalis to do something other than its business model but to respect our entrepreneurs and our production costs as the law requires”, concluded the minister.

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Agriculture, Lollobrigida: “Adversaries attack me? I’m not worried, I’m right”

“Italy’s weight at an international level has improved. I don’t worry about what my adversaries, those who previously governed, say, because it means that they are right. What worries me is what the entire supply chain says agricultural sector,” he added Lollobrigida.

Cortei, Lollobrigida: “Trust in the police, they act in the citizens’ interests”

“I believe that the possibility of demonstrating and the possibility of protesting must be respected police to do their job, but it’s not for me to judge. There was an attempt, from what I saw from the images, to put pressure on a demonstration that was organized on another site and there was a reaction from the police. They will explain whether in the canons and terms of the law and compliance with the rules, “she declared regarding the clashes yesterday in Pisa.

“I always think that the police act in the interest of citizens’ safety and not to do anything else. I hope – he added – that the political forces start from trust in the police, and possibly contradicted by the facts, and not the opposite: mistrust in the police forces who become subjects to be accused who must justify themselves”.

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