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Osteoporosis: drinking tea reduces hip fractures…

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Osteoporosis: drinking tea reduces hip fractures…

A group of Chinese scholars have demonstrated that if you drink 1 to 4 cups of tea a day the possibility of hip fractures decreases by 28% in those suffering from osteoporosis and bone fragility.

The authors of the study, published on Osteoporosis internationalcompared the results of 14 studies on the topic involving a total of almost 200 thousand people.

This discovery, therefore, in addition to encouraging the consumption of tea among osteoporosis sufferers, clears caffeine (contained in this and other drinks), hitherto pointed out as a possible culprit for the increased risk of bone fragility.

There is, however, a limit, which has not yet been overcome: the analyzes conducted do not allow us to identify the substances present in the tea responsible for the observed effect.

Source: news taken from an old issue of the magazine Viversani & Belli, 31/10/14

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