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Amazon, streaming of Prime Video with subscription with commercials (and controlled)

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Amazon, streaming of Prime Video with subscription with commercials (and controlled)

A subscription to your own streamlined streaming service, thanks to advertisements during the programmes. Also Amazon would be working on an offer “à la Netflix ” (or even in the manner of Disney+). To revive the indiscretion is the Wall Street Journal speaking of a plan still under study, but which could see the light soon and in all probability for now only on the US market (even if it is not specified that it is only for the US market).

The Prime Video service in the US

Sure is US service Prime Video it is also sold on its own for $8.99 a month as well as in combination with the Prime service (fast delivery) for $14.99. It should not be forgotten that in the USA Prime has the rights to particularly valuable content such as the “Thursday Night Football” games of the National Football League. In Italy the price is already very different: 4.99 euros per month and 49.90 euros per year including the Prime service.

Investors and agencies waiting

The Seattle e-commerce giant is therefore on its way to catching up with its main competitors Netflix and Disney+ who have embarked on offers at a lower price than the standard, but bartering the passages of commercials with users. A strategy that could make customers happy, but also advertising investors and media agencies for which Amazon has long been a reality on which to focus attention also by virtue of the intersection of activities that makes profiling precious, with purchased packages arriving at home (and therefore do not denote purchase intentions, but actual expenses) purchases.

Amazon wears the tricolor and lights up the Seattle HQ Spheres

Growing advertising for Amazon

Advertising is not surprisingly a growing area for Amazon. The company’s advertising revenue was $9.5 billion in the first quarter, an increase of 21% year over year. The company is the third largest player in terms of digital ad revenue in the United States after Google e Meta (which together account for 40% of world advertising).

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The Netflix tread

And ad-based bidding is somehow adding grist to the streaming mill. As for Netflix, for example, the group led by co-CEOs Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters said, six months after the debut aimed at relaunching growth, that it had exceeded five million monthly active users on a global scale for its service cheap and advertised.

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