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Asklepios founder Dr. Bernard Broermann has died

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Asklepios founder Dr.  Bernard Broermann has died

The Asklepios Group currently operates over 160 medical facilities in Germany. picture alliance / Eventpress | Eventpress MP

Dr. Bernard Große Broermann, the founder of the Asklepios Clinics, died at the age of 80.

Joachim Gemmel, the current CEO of the Asklepios Group, announced Broermann’s death on Tuesday.

Under Broermann, the Asklepios Group became one of the largest clinic operators in Germany, currently operating over 160 medical facilities.

The founder of the Asklepios Group and one of the richest people in Germany, Dr. Bernard Große Broermann has died at the age of 80, the Asklepios Clinic Group announced on Tuesday.

Broermann worked as an entrepreneur, lawyer and auditor, but he became known for setting up the Asklepios Group, which he founded in 1985 with the doctor Lutz Helmig. In 1994 Helmig retired and Broermann took over the group. Asklepios grew rapidly and made Broermann one of the richest people in Germany. His estimated fortune was over three billion euros. Today Asklepios operates over 160 medical facilities.

“We mourn with the family of Dr. Bernard Große Broermann, to whom we express our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences on behalf of the company and all employees,” said Asklepios CEO Joachim Gemmel on Tuesday. “With his vision and his entrepreneurial work, he had a decisive influence not only on the Asklepios Group, but also on the entire healthcare industry in Germany over decades.” Broermann died on February 25th, said Gemmel.

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Broermann and Asclepius

Asklepios Kliniken GmbH & Co. KGaA is wholly owned by Broermann Holding GmbH, in which Broermann also combined his other entrepreneurial activities – such as his hotel business. As a hotelier, he was even something like Udo Lindenberg’s landlord, because he bought the Hotel Atlantic in Hamburg in 2014, where the Hanseatic musician lives. Broermanns Holding had sales of over five billion euros and a profit of over 100 million euros in 2021.

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However, Broermann withdrew from day-to-day business some time ago. Broermann had gradually handed over the operational management of the clinic group to a management team – he himself had increasingly concentrated on shareholder tasks.

Regarding the future direction of Asklepios, it was said: “All investments have been pooled in Broermann Holding GmbH,” said Gemmel, according to the Doctors newspaper. In the future, in the holding company, “a committee made up of family members and long-time confidants would ensure the long-term protection of the shareholders’ interests and continue the vision of Bernard Große Broermann.”

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