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Stops cravings: This is what happens in the body when you eat a pear every day

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Stops cravings: This is what happens in the body when you eat a pear every day

If you like eating pears, then you should read on now. Because the pear is not only healthy – it can also help you lose weight.

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away” is a well-known saying. But the same can actually be said for pears, because the pome fruit not only provides vitamins and minerals, but also prevents obesity.

Why you should eat pears regularly

Do you want to lose excess kilos, but don’t have the time or desire for complicated or monotonous weight loss concepts? Then you should include pears in your diet.

Just one pear a day can help melt the fat.

Eating a pear a day – how good is it for the body?

Researchers at Lousina State University and the University of Rio de Janeiro were able to show in studies that eating one pear daily helps with weight loss and can reduce body fat percentage.

To do this, they divided the participants in their study into two groups who were supposed to eat exactly the same diet. The first group should also eat one pear a day.

The result was surprising: subjects in the pear group lost weight three times as quickly as the control group. But which ingredients make pears a weight-loss miracle?

These nutrients are found in pears

First and foremost, it is the high amount of fiber that helps you lose weight. The body takes a long time to digest these, so they ensure long-lasting satiety. Fiber also keeps blood sugar levels constant.

This prevents cravings for fatty foods and sweets, so you can save some calories.

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Pears boost metabolism

In addition, pears contain plenty of potassium, which regulates fluid balance and reduces water retention. Vitamin C stimulates fat metabolism so that calories are burned efficiently.

Speaking of calories: with 57 calories per 100 grams, pears are a real lightweight.

It’s best to eat the fruity, sweet tasting fruit plain. In this state, the pear contains a particularly high amount of nutrients. But pears are also a healthy snack when steamed, cooked into puree or as an ingredient in porridge.

Can pear scent stop cravings?

Supposedly the scent of the fruit is intended to encourage people not to overdo it when it comes to snacking.

In a study at the University of Dijon (France), test subjects were more likely to choose a fruit dessert instead of a chocolate cake if they had previously been in a room with a pear scent.

According to the researchers, the aroma curbs cravings and increases the desire for healthy fruit. Whether this theory is correct, however, is debatable.

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