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Auto green, Meloni: “The game on biofuels is not lost”

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Auto green, Meloni optimistic about biofuels

“The game on biofuels is by no means lost. Things are going well, there is a confrontation. But compared to the initial text there is a victory». So the premier Giorgia Meloni at the end of the Brussels European Council. “There has been a convergence between Italy and Germany to say that there is not only electricity”, observed the Prime Minister.

The premier’s statement comes after two days in which, on the green car front, the willingness of the European Commission to meet German requests but not Italian ones emerged. Basically, in the text on the ban on the sale of diesel and petrol cars from 2035 (rejected in the first instance after the no of Italy, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and the Czech Republic), a derogation for e-fuel but not, as requested by Rome, also for biofuels. The match seemed closed with Italy’s defeat but now the premier’s words reopen the question.

Germany satisfied

The fact remains that the agreement with Berlin is practically reached, although officially it cannot be said. “I know that journalism is also part of entertainment, and that you don’t like seeing us reach an agreement, but we will find an agreement with the EU on e-fuels – he said German Chancellor Olaf Scholz at the end of the Eurosummit. The same wavelength as that of the German Minister ofEconomia Robert Habeck who “expects an agreement with the EU Commission”.

The Berlin proposal, writes the German press for the Commission, would cover all substantive and legal issues. The goal, it is reiterated, is not to hinder the approval of newly registered vehicles with internal combustion engines fueled even after 2035. exclusively with synthetic fuels.

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