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AutoNavi Maps lane-level navigation adapts to OPPO Find N folding screen mobile phone_user_location_voice

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Original title: AutoNavi Maps lane-level navigation adapts to OPPO Find N folding screen mobile phone

News from Sanyan Finance on December 17, OPPO recently officially released its folding screen mobile phone OPPO Find N. AutoNavi Maps, as the technology research and development partner of this flagship mobile phone, was unveiled at the press conference.

In the speech session, OPPO announced that users on OPPO Find N can achieve lane-level precise positioning and navigation through the AutoNavi Maps APP, helping them drive more peace of mind and worry on highways and urban express roads.

A new generation of navigation products

Compared with traditional map navigation, AutoNavi’s lane-level navigation is not just a simple function upgrade, but an innovative service jointly developed with partners in the fields of mobile phones, automobiles, and communications, which can provide users with high-precision guidance services and improve overall Navigation experience is the next generation of navigation products facing the future:

Applying the sub-meter high-precision positioning of the Beidou system, combined with the correction information of the reference station, after fusion and calculation, the positioning accuracy is evolved from the road level of 5-10 meters to the lane level within 1 meter, and then the mobile phone sensor and map are integrated. Information, etc., to further enhance the continuity and stability of the high-precision position.

In addition, combined with high-definition rendering technology, the real road scene is restored to the greatest extent on the screen, including the number of lanes on the current road, ground markings, entrances and exits, special lanes, etc., to reduce the difficulty of users’ understanding of navigation.

As early as October 2020, AutoNavi Maps and Huawei jointly released AutoNavi lane-level navigation based on the HUAWEI Mate 40 series of mobile phones. This is also the industry’s first lane-level navigation service provided to users through smartphones.

As of the publication of this article, AutoNavi lane-level navigation supports Huawei P40 series, P50 series, Mate 40 series, Mate X series, nova8pro, Honor 30pro, Honor 30pro+, Honor V40 and some Xiaomi models, covering Suzhou, Hangzhou, Chongqing, and Guangzhou. , Shenzhen, Dongguan, Tianjin and Chengdu.

High German lane-level navigation on OPPO Find N folding screen mobile phone

In addition, for other mobile phone models or users who do not support lane-level positioning in their cities, AutoNavi Maps also launched a high-definition version of lane-level navigation to provide them with similar-quality navigation guidance services on national highways and urban expressways.

Beidou blessing to achieve lane-level voice broadcast

In 2020, the Beidou-3 global satellite navigation system will be fully launched, and the Dou satellite navigation system (global network deployment has been successfully deployed, which objectively helped the landing of high-precision positioning and high-tech lane-level navigation.

It is understood that with the blessing of the Beidou system, AutoNavi lane-level navigation can now achieve lane-level voice broadcast-based on lane-level high-precision positioning, it can identify whether the user is currently in the optimal lane, and actively carry out refined voice guidance hint.

For example, when the user is about to pass the “long solid line” section in front of the car, the AutoNavi lane-level navigation will guide the user to change lanes in advance based on the current lane of the vehicle, so as to avoid turning to the solid line in time.

In addition, if the user accidentally enters the emergency lane and other regulations prohibit the lane, the AutoNavi lane-level navigation will also take the initiative to give voice prompts to guide the user to return to the normal lane and avoid violations.Return to Sohu to see more


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