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Back to the gym Safer with the app that sees the Green Pass

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Serve to book the gym, a tennis lesson or the soccer field. It is useful for paying subscriptions, time with a personal trainer or rechargeable cards from a smartphone. But it can also be used to find members for a padel match or to turn on micro-insurance in seconds, even for limited periods of 24 hours. Sportclubby, the platform invented by Stefano De Amici from Biella and Biagio Bartoli from Turin, now allows sports centers to manage the entrances of their members from the app, in compliance with the new regulations on the Green Pass. The service, already used by over 500,000 Italians to move indoors, online and outdoors, adds the new functionality in times of health emergency.

«We are convinced that the“ sports industry ”can face the challenge of the pandemic only by relying on digital – explains CEO De Amici -. In the first 12 months after the advent of Covid alone, the clubs that managed the activity with the platform increased their courses by 56%, with 6 million bookings in 2020 alone. By simplifying the tracking of entrances and activities and management of safety we want to allow people to train and have fun peacefully, without barriers or health risks. Only in this way will the sector be able to avoid new closures. With the new function, each club will be able, where requested, to allow reservations only to those who have a valid Green pass and at the same time continue to manage all outdoor activities without restrictions ». Born in 2018, the startup has grown at a rate of 200%. In February it achieved a capital injection of 950 thousand euros from Finpiemonte and LigurCapital, closing the value of the second increase at 1,670,000 euros.

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