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Big Tech, the big braking. Now Google is studying 12,000 layoffs

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Big Tech, the big braking.  Now Google is studying 12,000 layoffs

Another wave of cuts is ready to shake up the Big Tech world. According to the international agency Reuters, Alphabet is about to launch a maxi-plan of layoffs that will involve 12,000 people. Google’s parent company to date had held the bar straight despite recessionary winds.

What happened
As explained by Italian Tech, during the years of the pandemic, companies have hired a lot to cope with the explosion in demand for digital goods and services. Between 2020 and 2022, according to data collected by CNBC by consulting the companies’ public documents, Microsoft increased its employees by 22%, hiring 40,000. Amazon, which employs 1.5 million people worldwide, has hired another 310,000 (+38%). As well as Meta (13,000 people, +30%), and Google-Alphabet itself, which unlike the others at the time had not fired the employees of the companies that are part of its core business (the search engine), but around 300 people of some of its subsidiaries after hiring 21,000 (+15%) during the pandemic.

The Twitter case
The percentage of layoffs relative to the workforce during the pandemic therefore appears to be a correction for hiring bulimia. Twitter is a special case. He has fired the most percentage of people since Elon Musk took over the company (50% of its workforce, 3,700 people).

The analysis: Microsoft, layoffs and ruthless artificial intelligence

Amazon is the opposite example: the 18,000 job cuts represent 1% of the million and a half employees. Meta (the Facebook holding company) has laid off 11,000 of its 87,314 employees (14%). Microsoft 10,000 of 221,000 (5%). Stripe 1,100 of 8,100 (20%), as reported in a Washington Post chart.

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