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Cauldron and crazy spending: “Gucci bags and swiped with the company card”

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Cauldron and crazy spending: “Gucci bags and swiped with the company card”

Calderone and crazy expenses: “He also hired his personal hairdresser”

Continue to hold court the investigation on the Order of Labor consultants involving the minister of Marine Labor Cauldron and her husband Rosario By Luca. New ones are popping up testimonials confirming the allegations crazy spending in the Entity. “There secretary from the president – reveals a consultant of the Organization to the Fatto Quotidiano – often went out and went to via del Corso a buy bags o foulard da Fendi or Gucci. Did they cost 500? The paper was crawling and wore it accounting receipt. This cannot be done in a public institution. THE conflicts of interest they have remained there, like the employer methods with which Calderone and De Luca still manage the institution, as if it were “stuff them“. I say “them” because, despite the role of minister, Calderone it never goes away Truly gone: we see her often, her office is always in the usual place and she never misses an opportunity to get high arrange the hair from her hairdresser, assumed at the Foundation“.

“Se an authority of control – continues the employee to Fatto – he sets foot in here, view the books accountants, find it yourself all confirmations. Il dissent not And admitted. If there is, it comes uprooted or co-opted. From the series, “come into the circle that the benefits you have them too”. It applies to many councilors of the Order but also to the collaborations: for a training course there are those who put it in their pocket in two hours 1.500 euro. There are bills of up to 1,000 euros for half-hour video connections. There are many get richbetween protégés, amici and many family members. There is an unethical use of resources. Also Christmas toast to the ministry paid for by the Foundation. It has always been like this here: dinners in the most exclusive places in Rome, parties dai very high costs, with representatives of the provincial councils, from Trento to Palermo. Often convivial moments useful to strengthen relations with the top management, for reward their loyalty. In a pay they are everyone’s shares subscribers“.

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