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Cavalier Aurora: the honor of Cavaliere del Lavoro to the lord of the pens Cesare Verona

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Cavalier Aurora: the honor of Cavaliere del Lavoro to the lord of the pens Cesare Verona

The lord of the feathers becomes a knight. In the era of digital signatures, there are those who still cultivate an ancient dream: to leave a trace in the world with the elegant gesture of a nib, perhaps gold, which skates quickly on a white sheet, sowing ink. In praise of slowness. Cesare Verona, president and CEO of Aurora Penne, was yesterday named Cavaliere del Lavoro by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella. «I am very happy and proud because we are a beautiful company that makes elegant things with the utmost commitment. This recognition is an award to our brand, our history and our future goals ». As soon as he received the news of the award, he wrote a message to all the collaborators. “In addition to the great satisfaction, I think this may represent a unanimous recognition of the hard, tortuous, uphill, and today partly downhill, journey of recent years”.

What a challenge to produce fountain pens in 2022. As visionaries. After all, Cesare Verona is truly romantic if he puts all his energy into preserving the fire of a tradition that goes against the tide. “When people curiously ask me how he manages to keep a pen company alive, I am delighted. We are healthy and we make quality products. If they keep asking me it obviously means that everything is fine, “he says euphorically. Knight of a manufacturing art, or more correctly as he says of “high craftsmanship”, he governs a company with over a century of history behind it.

«After almost 40 years of work, I consider this honor to be a beautiful stage that ideally reunites me with my great grandfather Cesare Senior, appointed Grand Officer of the Kingdom. A sign of destiny ». And he adds: «For every entrepreneur, knighthood represents the highest recognition that involves the work and the company. I am sure I made my great-grandfather proud who started this entrepreneurial path and with him the whole family, which for me today also includes all the collaborators who have accompanied us on this journey for decades “.
Very Turin as a company, the Aurora has had its headquarters near the Abbey of Stura since 1943, where the Officina della Screttura museum is also located. Magical place of emotions. Today the fountain pens of excellence are cult objects, which are especially popular in the Asian market, from the Arabian Peninsula and the Far East. Exports to foreign countries represent 75% of the company’s turnover. «My happiness also stems from the fact that Aurora can boast of being a company that has remained 100% Made in Italy. We have invested by looking at the values ​​of tradition, without relocating, keeping the production of nibs in-house. Our choices are rewarding us: I have never believed that shortcuts were a good solution for dealing with problems. Everything is going well. And even if the recognition of President Mattarella, whom I respect very much, I consider it a great achievement, for me it is a starting point ».

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[[(gele.Finegil.Image2014v1) Torino 22-10-2015 foto Maurizio Bosio:REPORTAGE ALLA FABBRICA DI PENNE AURORA]]
Cesare Verona took up the baton in 1993 after having gained a series of managerial experiences in Italy and abroad. With the collaboration of Edolinda Di Fonzo, who leads the commercial and creative sector, he has revolutionized production strategies with high-end creations, limited series and “made-to-measure” editions. For super collectors. There are many projects in the drawer of the volcanic president, all aimed at celebrating the tricolor craftsmanship and the little-known beauties of the Bel Paese. But always with a stroke of the pen, which in this case does not mean erasing, but underlining with refined wisdom. – © breaking latest news

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