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China Mobile Launches the World’s First 6G Satellite into Space

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China Mobile Launches the World’s First 6G Satellite into Space

China Mobile Makes History by Launching the World‘s First 6G Satellite

China has officially entered the race for 6G technology with the launch of the world‘s first satellite dedicated to exploring this new architecture. On Saturday, February 3, China Mobile, the world‘s largest telecommunications operator, sent the groundbreaking satellite into space, marking a major milestone in the development of telecommunications technology.

The 6G architecture promises to be significantly faster and more efficient than the current 5G technology, with the satellite aiming to provide low latency and high data speeds. Developed with software and hardware created in China, the satellite has the capability to adapt to orbit conditions, deploy network functions flexibly, and manage the core satellite network in an automated manner. This project seeks to improve the reliability and performance of satellite communication, positioning China as a leader in space communication exploration and development.

In addition to the 6G satellite, China has also made significant strides in space communication technology with the successful testing of a device for space optical switching. This technology, capable of transmitting light signals between different points in space without the need for electrical conversion, was sent into space in August 2020. A month later, the world‘s first experimental 6G satellite was launched, aiming to verify the communication technology of terahertz (THz) in space.

These breakthroughs firmly establish China as a pioneering force in space communication and set the stage for the next generation of telecommunications technology. With the potential for broader and more powerful telecommunications signals, the 6G satellite network could revolutionize high-speed satellite internet services worldwide.

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The launch of the world‘s first 6G satellite and the advancements in space communication technology represent a significant leap forward for China, positioning the country at the forefront of technological innovation and shaping the future of telecommunications on a global scale.

Photo credit: Xataka Mexico.

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