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Citizenship income, after the government tightening, applications fall by 65%

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Citizenship income, after the government tightening, applications fall by 65%

ROME. They collapse applications for income or citizenship pension while the families that received the check in February decreased to one million, reaching minimum level since October 2020. Spending in the month was 576.3 million, down from 657.8 in January. According to what emerges from the tables of the INPS Observatory on measures to combat poverty, the applications received by the Institute in the first two months were 90,287 compared to 261,378 in the same period of 2022 with a 65.23% drop. In January there were 88,184 applications and therefore in February there were just over 2,000 applications. The households with checks in February were 1,001,743, down from 1,160,714 in January.

The figure is affected by the failure to present a quota of Dsu (unique substitute declarations) necessary by January to maintain the benefit, but also by the economic recovery which probably allowed some of the beneficiaries to find work. It is not excluded that in the failure to present the necessary documents there is also the belief that one does not fall within the framework of the new subsidy the Government is working on. And this conviction could also be responsible, together with the vivacity of the labor market, for a good part of the collapse of the applications submitted. Furthermore, the eligible population may have stabilized and therefore this could partly explain the decline in applications.

The government is working to reform the RDC and the numbers seem to indicate an adjustment going in the indicated directions. According to the INPS tables, the households made up of one person, those for which the Government is studying the squeeze unless they are disabled or elderly, went from 537,238 in January to 460,775 in February with a drop of 14.33% against the overall -13.7%. However, these families of singles remain the majority of the assisted (46%) also due to the equivalence scale that penalizes large families. On this point, together with the tightening on employable people, the government should approve a measure in the coming weeks.

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The subsidy is mainly paid in the South where 67% of the beneficiary families reside of the measure. In the South and Islands, 672,890 Income and Citizenship Pension checks were disbursed in February out of a total of 1,001,743 disbursed in February, while in Campania alone more subsidies were disbursed than in the entire North with 229,989 checks against 186,694 in the North. Overall, the people involved are 332,832 in the North, 264,527 in the Center (in 142,159 families, less than in the province of Naples alone) and 1,538,036 in the South.average check it is higher in the South with an average of 605.31 euros compared to 500.29 in the North and 531.83 in the Centre. In the province of Naples alone, over 146,000 checks are disbursed, skimming the subsidies received overall by residents of Lombardy, Piedmont and Veneto.

The households that in February received the Citizenship Income were 899,842 with an average check of 605.90 euros and 2,019,744 people involved. 101,901 families received the citizenship pension with an average subsidy of 305.16 euros and 115,651 people involved. In February, 902,020 Italians received the citizenship income or pension, while 34,098 citizens of other European countries, 64,061 non-EU citizens and 1,564 family members and holders of international protection. Families of at least six people with the Income or Citizenship Pension there are just 17,667 for 113,077 people involved and an average subsidy of 825.56 euros. There are 44,800 households with five people for 224,000 people involved and an average check of 812.77 euros. There are 460,775 families of one person (of which 384,664 without the presence of disabled people) with an average allowance of 466.63 euros.

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