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Consip will also manage public works “Market with 52 billion purchases”

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Not only maintenance but also real works. Consip, the Italian purchasing center, will also make its platform available for public administration contracts that aim to carry out new works. The public works sector is a market that in 2020 (source Anac) recorded about 50 thousand purchase procedures for a total amount of almost 53 billion. Now Consip offers the administrations and companies involved in these procedures two new digital purchasing methods.

The extension of the notices

The first is the extension of the tenders of the “Electronic Market of the Public Administration” (Mepa) segment – active since 2016 and so far dedicated only to maintenance works – to all types of public works, including new works. The administrations will thus be able to carry out negotiations with the suppliers authorized by Consip – almost 42 thousand – up to a maximum value of 5.38 million, the threshold under which the procedures are simplified. The extension will also allow PAs to acquire prefabricated reinforced concrete structures, to build structural components in steel or metal and to contract out the demolition of works. Finally, from this year it will be possible for the first time to ban service concessions on the Mepa.

The second possibility offered is the extension of the use of “asp bids” (Application service provider), that is the tenders above or below the community threshold autonomously announced by the public administrations, with the technical-operational support of Consip, making use of it free of charge. of the platform.

68 races have already been tried for 193 million

In the two-year period 2020-21, experimentation has already been carried out for 68 tenders for works (from 14 contracting stations, for a total amount of approximately 193 million) and 73 tenders for concessions (from 16 contracting stations for a total amount of approximately 163 million) Both initiatives offer PA and businesses the advantage of using a single platform for all types of procurement, identifying each time the most suitable tool and procedure from those available.

Public works in Italy

The expenditure for public works by the Italian public administration is one of the largest expenditure items of the Italian public administration. This term refers to all contracts for the execution of works or for the design and construction of works that are stipulated by public administrations following tender procedures (open, restricted, negotiated or direct assignments). latest available data relating to 2020, the procurement procedures for public works carried out by public administrations in Italy amounted to approximately 50 thousand for a total amount of 52.7 billion, of which 42% refers to open procedures. 30% of the procedures in terms of value (in 2019 they were 45%) and 97% in terms of number (in 2019 they were 98%) were for an amount of less than 5 million, and therefore are placed under the current Community threshold which, until 30 June 2023, was set by the “Simplifications” Decree. In terms of value, 49% of the procedures concerned ordinary sectors (in 2019 they were 70%), while the remaining 51% relate to special sectors (gas, thermal energy, electricity, water, transport, exploitation of geographical area , in 2019 they were 30%).

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