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Cooperation between Flink and Rewe about to end?

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Cooperation between Flink and Rewe about to end?

According to research, there is resistance at Rewe to continuing the million-dollar cooperation with Flink. That’s what Flink says about the rumors.

Not everyone at Rewe agrees with the cooperation with Flink. picture alliance / abaca | Joly Victor/ABACA

The partnership between Rewe and the delivery service Flink could be put to the test. As research by the Küchenzeitung (LZ) shows, opponents of the cooperation are becoming louder in the Rewe supervisory board and top management. The reason given is persistent doubts about a “sustainable business model”. Flink itself has set itself the goal of becoming profitable by the fourth quarter of 2024. However, according to research, these goals are now classified as “unrealistic”.

“It cannot be the case that we have to generate the profits on the site that are burned at Flink,” says an LZ inspector. In a last financing round in the summer of 2023, Rewe financed 50 million euros of a 150 million investment in Flink. Rewe itself holds 12 percent of the shares in Flink.

However, there are no concrete plans for a sale. However, the delivery service giant Getir, which has already swallowed gorillas, is considered a possible interested party. Flink told Gründerszene: The CEOs of Flink and Rewe continue to be in close contact. At the same time, it is known that there are not only supporters of cooperation in the Rewe management.

Rewe’s own brands can also be purchased on the Wolt delivery app. The reason: a partnership with Flink. Wolt belongs to the US delivery service Doordash, which in turn has a stake in Flink.

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