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Covid vaccination in companies, SMEs and public companies supported by International Sos

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Italian companies are starting to organize their anti-Covid vaccination facilities with hubs, doctors and nurses. Campaigns are often not just for employees, but also for family members and security staff.

Many companies are setting up such a complex activity – and unusual even for those who already have a network of occupational doctors – thanks to an agreement with the multinational International Sos, a company engaged in health care and security services, whose mission is precisely to help organizations, public and private, in the management of risks related to the health and safety of their expatriate workers and travelers. Founded in 1985 in Singapore International SOS Group works with a network of 11 thousand organizations, being able to use over a thousand offices in 90 countries and 4 thousand doctors, nurses, epidemiologists and occupational doctors.


In Italy, the first town in Italy to have started the vaccination company, International SOS has established agreements with large public and private companies e, such as Finmeccanica and Eni. In addition there are many SMEs.

In fact, the problem is that many small structures do not have sufficient doctors and spaces. For this they have to rely on larger organizations. The multinational then creates a kind of network between companies to evaluate the possibilities of the territory, as well as making its professionals available.

The company has already been at work for several weeks, before the commissioner structure gave the green light to the company vaccination in a formal way. This is because in the meantime the companies, as well as the Regions, were carrying out with pre-agreements in order not to be displaced once the final ok arrived. The logistical aspect, as also seen for the vaccination of the health system, is central in a mass campaign like this one.

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