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Distortion of competition: US judge scraps charges against Google

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Distortion of competition: US judge scraps charges against Google

The US government and several US states have suffered a setback in their lawsuit against Google’s online advertising dominance. According to their allegations, the company abuses its market power to take a monopoly-like position; one of the accusations is that this harms the market and forces competitors out of the market.


But now the judge responsible has significantly reduced the number of allegations and removed numerous allegations from the public prosecutor’s office from the lawsuit. This is the result of a court decision published on Friday. This means that Google will have to face fewer charges at the start of the proceedings.

The competent judge Amid P. Mehta at the Federal District Court for the District of Columbia deleted, among other things, the accusation that the Internet company had harmed specialized providers such as Expedia or OpenTable through its behavior. The state attorneys general had not been able to prove the allegation sufficiently, he said in its decision (file number 1:20-cv-03010-APM). The judge also does not allow allegations in connection with the rules for device manufacturers when using the Android mobile operating system developed by Google to go to trial.

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On the other hand, the accusation is to be negotiated that Google’s agreements with browser developers such as Apple (Safari) and Mozilla (Firefox) harm competition. In its lawsuit, the US Department of Justice attacks, among other things, the practice of setting Google’s search engine as the standard. Mozilla and Apple get money from Google for this. The trial is scheduled to begin in Washington in September.

This newly filed lawsuit supplements a lawsuit filed in 2020 that was partially dismissed in a Texas court but is pending final judgment.

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