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Egg prices in mainland China have risen by nearly 20% month-on-month, but egg farmers are unhappy | eggs | price increase | farmers

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[Epoch Times August 16, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Liu Yi comprehensive report) The price of eggs in mainland China has risen by nearly 20% month-on-month in the past month. Although income has risen, egg farmers are not happy.

Since July, egg prices across the mainland have risen to varying degrees. According to the monitoring data of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Communist Party of China, as of 2 pm on August 13, the average price of eggs on the national agricultural product wholesale market was 10.74 yuan per kilogram (RMB, the same below), and the price on July 13 was 9.03 yuan per kilogram. The one-month increase reached 18.93%.

According to the news of the “Daily Business News” on August 16, Mr. Zhang, an egg vendor at Nongguangli Market in Chaoyang District, Beijing, said that since August 11, he has adjusted the price of fresh eggs because of wholesalers and farmers. If you increase the price, you can only follow it up.

Shanghai egg wholesaler Li Zengping said that the wholesale price of his eggs here has risen by one yuan a month. “Then it will increase in mid-August, and it will rise to about 6 yuan per catty (500 grams).”

The wholesale price of Zhang Yunqin, an egg wholesaler in Lanxi, Zhejiang, has also risen. She said: “The wholesale price is five yuan (per catty), and the wholesale price is five yuan per box, and you earn one dime or two cents per catty.”

Zhu Ning, an associate researcher at the Institute of Agricultural Economics and Development of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, believes that the main reason for the price increase of eggs in this round is the improvement of the supply and demand structure: on the supply side, high temperature weather has caused the performance of laying hens to decline, and the egg market is tight; In terms of demand, the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Holidays approached, and the purchase of eggs from food processing plants increased. The improvement in the structure of supply and demand has promoted this round of rising egg prices.

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However, extreme weather has a certain degree of impact on egg production and egg prices in some areas. According to statistics from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, affected by floods, typhoons and other disasters, as of July 29, the country has killed 6.446 million poultry.

The Securities Daily quoted industry insiders’ analysis on the 16th: “This round of price increases is actually not unexpected.” Because the price of eggs will rise in July and August every year, it’s just the difference in magnitude. In general, the price increase this time is not too great.

Because eggs are one of the most common ingredients on people’s daily dinner tables, the increase in their prices makes people feel very strongly. Many consumers even said with emotion: The price has risen almost every day.

In a supermarket in Jinan High-tech Zone, many people lined up to buy eggs early in the morning. One of the citizens, Ms. Wang, said, “The price of eggs has risen relatively fast recently. It was more than 4 yuan a few days ago. Today it is 5.59 yuan. I eat eggs every day at home, so I came here early today and wanted to buy more.”

It is reported that the price of eggs in the Beijing vegetable market has risen to 6.5 yuan/500 grams.

Some netizens posted on Weibo saying: I went to buy eggs today, and the store said the price has increased. I bought 10 eggs for 10 yuan.​

Some netizens also complained that life is not easy: “Recently the price of green vegetables has risen, the price of eggs has risen, the price of milk has risen, the price of chicken has risen, the price of pork has risen, the price of beef has risen, the price of fish has risen, and the price of gasoline and diesel has risen. Car prices have risen, taxes have risen, but wages have not risen. What can be done?”

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The increase in the price of eggs should benefit the farmers, but the reality is that the farmers are not happy.

Wang Hong, the person in charge of a laying hen breeding company in Zibo, said: “The price of eggs has risen recently, and we did make some money, but who knows that we have just experienced losses for more than ten months. Many breeding companies are moving forward in debt. Now, the cost of breeding is much higher than in previous years. Feed, environmental protection, and labor costs have increased greatly. Coupled with bank interest, the unit cost of the company is as high as 4.5 yuan, and it has been losing money before.”

Wang Hong said: “We don’t like the big ups and downs of the egg price’s’roller coaster’. We just want to make some money safely. But feed price farmers don’t count, and they don’t have the right to say in the price of eggs. Can eggs be produced in a timely manner? We don’t even say if we sell it.”

Although egg prices have continued to rise recently, the market is not optimistic about future egg prices. In the futures market, egg prices have begun to fluctuate downward.

Zhou Xiaoqiu, chief agricultural analyst at Guotai Junan Futures, said: “The short-term egg spot price will continue to remain high. Around mid-September, after the Mid-Autumn Festival stocking season is over, it will be superimposed on the stock of laying hens to increase, and the price will appear significantly after the Mid-Autumn Festival. The state of falling back.”

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