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Emirates Test Flight of A380 Engine Powered by SAF

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Emirates Test Flight of A380 Engine Powered by SAF

Emirates Successfully Completes Test Flight with A380 Using Sustainable Aviation Fuel

On the morning of November 22, Emirates conducted a successful test flight of an Airbus A380, with one of its engines and auxiliary power unit powered by 100 percent sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). The flight, lasting 37 minutes between takeoff and landing and reaching an altitude of 24,000 feet over the Persian Gulf west of Dubai, marks a significant milestone for the airline.

Captains Khalid Binsultan and Philippe Lombet were at the controls of the A6-EOH plane, which was loaded with 4,000 kilograms of SAF supplied by Neste, produced from esters and fatty acids, as well as from sugars and vegetable matter, in collaboration with the oil company ENOC of the United Arab Emirates.

The successful demonstration coincided with the Third ICAO Conference on Aviation and Alternative Fuels in Dubai. The collaboration of Engine Alliance, manufacturer of the GP7200 engine that equips the Emirates A380, Pratt & Whitney Canada, manufacturer of the PW980 auxiliary power unit, and Airbus, contributed to the successful test flight.

Prior to the flight, ground tests were conducted to ensure the engine’s operational capability powered only by SAF, with early 2023 seeing Emirates previously completing a similar flight with one of its Boeing 777-300ERs. The airline has also been operating flights from Dubai, Norway, and France using SAF since October, and plans for its flights departing from Amsterdam and Singapore airports to also operate with SAF in their depots from 2024 and 2025.

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