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Energy emergency, 7 coal-fired power plants in Italy ready to restart

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Energy emergency, 7 coal-fired power plants in Italy ready to restart

The energy first aid could, temporarily, go to coal-fired power plants. Those that should be shut down in 2025 in the name of the energy transition. In the meantime, and in the midst of the international emergency, the last seven coal-fired plants in Italy and destined for shutdown or conversion, could be a lifeline. All in the light of the statements by the Prime Minister Mario Draghi who, in the urgent information to the Chamber on the Ukraine crisis and the possible consequences of the sanctions on Russia, said that “the reopening of the coal plants may be necessary, to fill any shortcomings immediately “.

Seven central

Of the seven plants, five are owned by Enel while the other two refer to the Ep production group and the A2a company. Seven plants distributed between Sardinia, Lazio, Puglia, Liguria, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto.

In La Spezia the stop in December

Of the five Enel plants in Italy, the only one that is shut down is the Eugenio Montale thermoelectric plant in La Spezia. Coal-fired power plants (with a capacity of 682 mw) were shut down two months ago, in December 2021.

From Venice to Brindisi

In the list of coal-fired power plants there are also the two sites where a partial closure of some groups has been initiated. These are the “Andrea Palladio” power plant in Fusina in the Municipality of Venice with a capacity of 976 mw and the Federico II thermoelectric power plant in Brindisi with a capacity of 2640 MW installed, considered among the largest in Europe and the second largest. of Italy and for which a conversion project is underway.

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From Civitavecchia to Portovesme

The other two plants headed by Enel are instead fully operational. Specifically, in Lazio, extending over an area of ​​975 thousand square meters, is the Torrevaldaliga Nord power plant, which works with a coal-fired thermoelectric plant and has a capacity of 1980 mw. In Sardinia, again at the head of Enel there is the Grazia Deledda di Portovesme power plant, with a power of 480 mw.

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