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Eni: production of alternative sustainable fuels for aviation started

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Eni announced that it has started the production of alternative sustainable aviation fuels (Sustainable Aviation Fuel or SAF) which represent in the short-medium term a way to significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of air transport. Eni SAFs are produced exclusively from waste and residues, in line with the strategic decision not to use palm oil from 2023.

Eni expects to double its current bio-refining capacity of 1.1 million tons / year within four years and its increase to 5/6 million tons / year by 2050: the so-called biojet will play a significant role in the product mix, in in line with sector scenarios and market trends, and the goal is to reach a production capacity of at least 500 thousand tons / year of biojet by 2030.

“It is a very important achievement in our decarbonisation path, which includes innovative technologies already available and concrete industrial initiatives, and fully reflects our pragmatic approach to the energy transition: using technology to reduce emissions in sectors that, such as aviation, the more they weigh in terms of emissions but at the same time must be nurtured as they are fundamental for growth and development. We want to establish ourselves as technological leaders in the energy transition, also using traditional skills and assets, and this is a new step in that direction, as well as an important contribution at system level “, remarks Eni’s Chief Executive Officer, Claudio Descalzi.

The first SAF productions are carried out in the Eni refinery in Taranto, with a 0.5% share of UCO (used vegetable and frying oils), which anticipates the 2% share of the organic component proposed as part of the EU package ‘ Fit For 55 ‘. This is a first step, which confirms the decarbonisation path of all Eni products and processes by 2050 and for all the sectors involved, including the most challenging ones, such as aviation, heavy vehicles and marine.

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ENI adds that the growth of SAF production will continue with a progression that will already see the start of production of over 10 thousand tons / year of SAF in the Eni refinery in Livorno, through the distillation of bio-components produced in the Eni biorefineries in Gela and Porto Marghera (Venice) thanks to the proprietary Ecofining ™ technology. The raw materials used will be exclusively waste such as UCO or animal fats. This product, called “Eni Biojet”, will contain 100% biogenic component and can be used in mixture with conventional jet up to 50%.

The growth will continue with the start, in 2024, of the production of “Eni Biojet” in the biorefinery of Gela, where a project is already underway that will allow the placing on the market of an additional 150 thousand tons / year of 100% SAF from renewable raw materials, able to satisfy the potential obligation of the Italian market for 2025.

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