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ETECSA Offers Half-Price Overtime for Nauta Hogar Customers in Cuba

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ETECSA Offers Half-Price Overtime for Nauta Hogar Customers in Cuba

ETECSA Launches Half-Price Offer for Nauta Hogar Customers in Cuba

Officials from the state Telecommunications entity in Cuba (ETECSA) have announced a special half-price offer for Nauta Hogar customers. The offer, which will be available from February 12th to February 29th, allows customers to purchase extra hours at a 50% discount and continue enjoying the Nauta Hogar service.

The announcement was made on ETECSA’s social media platforms, with the company urging customers to take advantage of the discounted offer to extend their internet usage. Additionally, ETECSA’s official website states that customers can make the most of their internet connection with a 50% discount on overtime to browse Nauta Hogar without limits.

During the promotional period, customers who have exhausted their contracted hours can recharge their Nauta account associated with the service through various channels, including online services, Transfermóvil and EnZona payment gateways, the Nauta user portal, recharge coupons from Telecommunications Agents, and top-ups from family and friends abroad.

The offer applies specifically to Nauta Hogar customers who have consumed the hours of their contracted plan and wish to continue browsing the internet. The promotional rate for overtime hours is set at 6.25CUP per hour, representing a 50% discount from the established rate of 12.50CUP per hour.

It’s important to note that the promotion is only valid for the Nauta Hogar home service and does not apply to temporary Nauta accounts (cards), accounts associated with hotel or airport business services, permanent Nauta national public navigation accounts, or business home Nauta accounts.

ETECSA’s half-price offer for Nauta Hogar customers is set to provide significant savings for internet users in Cuba, allowing them to enjoy extended browsing during the promotional period.

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