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Export, mix of contributions for companies affected by the war in Ukraine

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Export, mix of contributions for companies affected by the war in Ukraine

Up to 40 thousand euros in non-repayable funds to support exporting companies affected by the conflict in Ukraine. Requests can be submitted from 12 July. Unless the funds are exhausted, the companies will have until 31 October to send the request for funding.

The potential applicants are only companies incorporated in the form of joint stock companies, which have achieved, in the last three financial years, an average turnover, deriving from direct export operations to Ukraine, the Russian Federation and / or Belarus, equal to at least 20% of the total average company turnover. They are entitled to the benefit if they have suffered a decrease in revenues from these areas as a result of the conflict at an aggregate level equal to or greater than 20% of the average foreign turnover achieved towards the three countries mentioned in the previous three years.

From the Simest circular 1/394/2022 it is clear that no aid is foreseen for the companies that bought from those areas. To maintain the concession, by 31 December 2023, the applicant company must certify the decrease in turnover in relation to the 2022 financial year.

Obligation of reimbursement for those who leave the parameters

Foreign turnover must be declared and certified by a person registered in the Register of Auditors held by the Ministry of Economy, taking into account lines VE30, VE34 and VE50 of the last VAT return relating to the year 2022. In the event of a negative outcome of the verification, the subsidy intervention in relation to the 40% non-repayable co-financing share will be revoked. The loan must be repaid at the reference rate.

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Each company can submit a single application to the Simest managing body, which will make its assessment according to the chronological order of arrival. Expenditure items relating to the realization of productive investments, also in Italy, including the purchase of machinery and equipment, hardware and software technologies, the construction of a new commercial structure or the upgrading of an existing one, costs for consultancy are eligible for financing. and studies aimed at identifying alternative foreign markets or strengthening the presence in different markets. Each expense item must be incurred following receipt of the outcome of the application.

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