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Ezio Greggio re-elected president of the Comites of the Principality: “First of all, the protection of compatriots in Monaco”

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Committed on several fronts, Ezio Greggio seems to never stop: Striscia La Notizia, cinema, Monte Carlo Film Festival and also Comites (Committee of Italians Resident Abroad) of the Principality of Monaco, where he has lived for years. On 4 December, elections were held for the renewal of the committee of which he was outgoing president. Among the four candidate lists, he won his “Crude List”. Furthermore, he was the most voted by the Italian residents and was reconfirmed President of the new Comites. A double satisfaction, what made the difference in your opinion? “I believe that both the relaunch of the Comites which I chaired in the previous six years and the quality of the members of my new list, made up of excellent and recognized professionals who operate and work here in Munich, were decisive.” What does your program focus on for the next five years? «As foreseen by law 286 of 23 October 2003, the Committee is the representative body of Italians abroad in relations with the diplomatic-consular network. So our collaboration with the Italian Embassy will be primary, then we will deal with the protection of the rights and interests of fellow countrymen residing in the consular district, with particular regard to the defense of the civil rights guaranteed to Italian workers and which are many in the Principality “. How is your new Comites organized? There are a series of assignments and then the Commissions, each with specific tasks and which I want to present. “Besides me President, there are Francesca Franco Vice President, Paolo Borgogno General Secretary and Raffaello Cairoli Treasurer. To the Finance, Economy, PR Dario Cassano commission, Roberta Morgantini to Culture, Marcello Pica to Sport, Maria Tassara Contaldo to Social Affairs and Raffaella Morabito to the Youth and Equal Opportunities Commission ». You are very attached to the Principality and have excellent relations with the sovereign. Your opinion on the management of the pandemic? “I believe that both Prince Albert II and the Government made precise and timely choices, in line with those of France, Italy and Europe in general. In addition, I can assure you that the local authorities and police carry out checks to preserve people’s health and guarantee economic activities ”. Despite the health crisis, in 2020 and 2021 he managed to organize his Monte Carlo Film Festival and now the next edition awaits you. «We performed a small miracle in 2020, when all the big festivals were canceled. We have succeeded with the collaboration of the government of Monaco, Prince Albert II, the Grimaldi Forum and respecting the health protocols. There have been two successful editions, with gala evenings broadcast by Canale 5. Next spring there will be the 19th edition and we will announce dates and guests shortly. Now we are working on the selection of the best comedy films in the world ».

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You lead Striscia la Notizia from the beginning, 34 editions of which 28 with Enzo Iacchetti. How do you consider Italy today that you are telling the Italians? “At this moment Striscia tells of Italy exactly in the conditions in which it finds itself. Due to Covid we are deprived of freedom. Striscia is careful in this sense and every day sends a message of attention and fairness. To carry out the program, we make molecular swabs even if tri-vaccinated and in the studio only Enzino and I take off our masks. I have never skipped an edition, Striscia goes on and I plan to conduct it for another 127 editions. Then I stop ». –

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