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Ferraris (Fs): “Thus the Frecciarossa 1000 launches the challenge to Europe”

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France, Spain, Greece, Great Britain. The Frecciarossa 1000, the flagship train of the Trenitalia fleet (the passenger transport company of the FS Group), is ready to cross national borders and embark on European high-speed rail competition. An unprecedented challenge for the Italian railways. The Italian model of high-speed rail is a unique case in the world: refined over the years thanks to the competition between Trenitalia and Italo, it is admired everywhere abroad and feared by local railway companies that will soon have to compete with a totally different and complementary offer. compared to the one available so far.

The reference scenario

To mark the stages of the Frecciarossa 1000’s landing abroad is the CEO of Ferrovie dello Stato Italiane, Luigi Ferraris, on the occasion of the presentation, which took place in the Roma Ostiense station, of the participation of the FS Group al Italy Pavilion of Expo Dubai 2020. Ferraris says: “Speaking of high speed, Italy is among the first five countries (Japan, France, Italy, Germany, Spain) to have introduced it, up to the current network coverage, thanks to the synergistic work of more actors, in concert with all relevant stakeholders, who have contributed to creating a system of excellence, changing the country “.


«The FS group – continues Ferraris – is proud to export its skills and contribute its know-how, creating value also in the territories in which it operates. Many countries, in fact, such as India e United States, aim to develop their own high-speed system and this can represent an opportunity from the point of view of the Country System. This is why our participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is even more important. We want to make our excellence and successes known to the world ».

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The landing abroad

«Soon – Ferraris reveals – we will run our high-speed trains in Spain, where starting from 2022, through the Ilsa company (in partnership with the Spanish group Air Nostrum), we will guarantee up to 74 daily connections, of which 32 on the Madrid-Barcelona route. In France, by the end of the year, the offer of high-speed services on the Milan-Turin-Lyon-Paris link will be launched, with five Frecciarossa 1000s. We have strengthened our presence in Great Britain, also thanks to the award (with the Avanti West Coast brand, through First Trenitalia West Coast: 30% Trenitalia UK, 70% First Group), of the concession to manage one of the most important railway routes in the United Kingdom, London-Glasgow, to which will be added services on the new high-speed line (High Speed ​​2) which will connect London with Birmingham and Manchester. In Greece we are about to activate new high-speed services between Athens and Thessaloniki, through the Trainose company (100% FS Group) which has already equipped itself with Etr 470 trains ».

The Italian FS at the Dubai Expo

Fs will be present as Gold Sponsor of the Italy Pavilion at the universal exhibition that will kick off in Dubai on 1 October 2021 and will continue until 31 March 2022. For the visitors of the Italian Pavilion of the Expo, the FS Group has set up an immersive installation in the final section of the exhibition itinerary: a metaphorical journey aboard the FS Group’s trains and along the infrastructural works that Ferrovie has built and is carrying out for contribute to the development of the country. To celebrate its presence at Expo Dubai, a Frecciarossa 1000 with a livery that recalls the symbol and colors of the Italian Pavilion. Ferraris concludes: «From the very first editions, the universal exhibition represents the moment in which each country exhibits the best of its ideas, innovations and projects. This is why our Group has decided to be part of it, to proudly show
Italian excellence in technology and innovation applied to the sustainable mobility sector, in particular the railway one ».

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