Home Business Fisco, from Monday 23 May the pre-filled declaration is online: all the news

Fisco, from Monday 23 May the pre-filled declaration is online: all the news

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Fisco, from Monday 23 May the pre-filled declaration is online: all the news

Pre-filled in 2022 starting from Monday 23 May, when the forms prepared by the tax authorities will be available, which according to the information in its possession has already entered 1 billion and 200 million data. From Tuesday 31 May it will be possible to send the declaration, accepting it as it is or proceeding with the appropriate changes and additions. Citizens will be able to consult their model by accessing the reserved area on the Revenue Agency website with Spid, electronic identity card or national service card.

From this year it will also be possible to entrust a family member or another trusted person to send their return: a novelty introduced to facilitate all those taxpayers who cannot manage the fulfillment directly. The 2022 reporting season will close on September 30 for those who submit the 730 and November 30 for those who use the web application.

A new guide – pdf, online on the institutional website, and a video, published on the YouTube channel of the Revenue, illustrate the news to consult and send your declaration. “The pre-filled declaration – affirms the Director of the Revenue Agency, Ernesto Maria Ruffini – is enriched every year with additional data available to the Revenue Agency and is confirmed as a useful simplification: in fact it not only facilitates compliance, but also represents a guarantee for the taxpayer. For example, the automated collection of deductible expenses allows you to be aware of the benefits due, thus avoiding that some opportunities offered by the legislation are not seized. The numbers demonstrate the growing familiarity of citizens with this tool, which until a few years ago seemed unthinkable ».

Data constantly increasing
Since the start of the pre-filled return seven years ago, the number of taxpayers who sent the 730 and Income forms directly has grown to 4.2 million in 2021, triple compared to 2015 (when there were 1 , 4 million). The percentage of the 730 sent without changes is also constantly increasing, which last year stood at 22.3% of the total (in 2015 it was 5.8%). On the other hand, if we consider the number of information pre-loaded in the declaration by the Revenue Agency, we have gone from about 160 million data in 2015 to 1.2 billion this year, therefore with a level of completeness of the models available of citizens more and more.

1.2 billion data already entered by the tax authorities in the declarations
The amount of data pre-entered by the Taxpayers to facilitate compliance by taxpayers has grown and exceeds this year the quota of 1 billion and 200 million. Most of the data refers to healthcare costs, which jumped from 718 million last year to over 1 billion (+ 40%). The most significant increases are recorded in the item «credit transfers for restructuring», with over 10 million occurrences (+ 36% compared to 2021), and «contributions for domestic workers», with 3.8 million data (+ 14%). But the most significant growth of all is represented by the data relating to school expenses – 458 thousand compared to about 4,600 last year – and by those on donations, which almost tripled and went from 550 thousand to over 1,600 thousand.

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