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Fox on Meloni: “Biden’s Pet”, and Salvini exalts Trump. Cdx, total clash

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Fox on Meloni: “Biden’s Pet”, and Salvini exalts Trump.  Cdx, total clash

Meloni-Salvini, the Prime Minister’s visit to the USA also becomes a reason for conflict

Lo clash within the majority continues unabated, after the defeat in Sardinia something broke on the Right and the episodes in which Melons e Salvini they distance themselves from each other and follow one another. For example, the preferential treatment of the League leader did not go unnoticed Biden towards Melonsso immediate – we read in Repubblica – the move to distance himself. Just almost in concomitance to the Prime Minister’s visit to White HouseIn fact, Salvini published a post on Washington“. It means the ouster of Biden, which he has just welcomed with great warmth Georgie. The White House – reports Repubblica – responded to Ansa with a no commentbut the fact that he responded means that noted the exit of the head of the League.

The visit of Melons to Biden was also underlined by Fox Newsthe conservative US broadcaster attacked the Italian prime minister, headlined an article: “Il about-face Of Melons from anti globalist to pro Europa. The coca of Biden infuriates the base: we won’t vote for it anymore“. The TV of Murdoch Does he reproach her for having betrayed the anti-globalist verb, to embrace the pro-European beliefs of the head of the White House? The article underlines the Atlanticist line chosen above Ukraine e Middle East, and also reproaches her – continues Repubblica – for a half-turn on the deportations of illegal immigrants, with support for the EU’s Migration Asylum Pact. Then he warns that with these moderate choices risks alienating his electorate original, opening up space for more radical forces, perhaps keeping in mind the League of Salvini. Now in the majority there is total conflict, Salvini and Meloni are closely marking each other.

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