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From EI to Entrepreneurship: The Journey of Jenny Woo

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From EI to Entrepreneurship: The Journey of Jenny Woo

Jenny Woo’s journey from a young immigrant in Houston, Texas to a successful business owner and entrepreneur has captivated audiences worldwide. At the age of ten, Woo arrived in the United States from China with no knowledge of English. However, she quickly adapted by honing her skills in reading non-verbal social cues. By observing the body language and listening to the voices of her peers, Woo was able to understand and connect with those around her.

Her remarkable abilities in emotional intelligence (EI) have not only helped her navigate through various corporate roles at companies like Deloitte and Cisco but have also led her to launch her own successful side business. While pursuing her master’s degree at Harvard University, she invested $1,000 into Mind Brain Emotion, a venture that sells EI-focused card games on Amazon. Last year, the business generated $1.71 million in revenue, with 40% of that amount being profit.

Woo’s work-life balance is another aspect that sets her apart. Balancing multiple streams of income, including lecturing at the University of California Irvine and running an online course on EI, allows her to work between three and 30 hours a week. This flexibility enables her to prioritize time with her three children and fully disconnect when needed.

In an interview, Woo shared her insights on running a successful business and emphasized the importance of continuous learning and self-motivation. Despite facing challenges and setbacks, she encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to persevere and stay resilient in the face of criticism and competition. With five academic degrees and a wealth of corporate experience, Woo’s journey serves as a testament to the power of determination and dedication in achieving one’s goals.

As she looks towards the future, Woo plans to expand her business globally and eventually delegate responsibilities to a team of talented individuals. Her message of empowerment and perseverance resonates with those who strive for success in both their personal and professional endeavors. Woo’s story is a reminder that with hard work, resilience, and a passion for learning, anything is possible.

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