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From Ford smart rearview mirror for vans

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ROME (ITALPRESS) – When you are behind the wheel of a van you often have to rely on the side mirrors, since the rear view mirror is not very helpful in the presence of partitions or loads in the rear part of the vehicle. Just to offer a solution to this difficulty, Ford has studied a smart mirror. Aesthetically identical to a normal one, the new smart rearview mirror is actually a high definition screen that shows a perfect panoramic view of the area behind the van. The driver can, therefore, see pedestrians, cyclists and the vehicles following him even when the rear doors are without glass or in the case in which partitions have been installed. The internal mirror, equipped with automatic brightness adjustment to ensure optimal visibility both day and night, shows the images shot by a video camera positioned on the back of the van in full screen and in real time. The smart mirror also boasts a field of vision twice as wide as that of a normal rear-view mirror, thus allowing you to better see the area around the vehicle and proving to be a fundamental tool also for driving around roundabouts, changing lanes, getting on a high-speed road or turn into a side street. The new rear-view mirror will be particularly useful for delivery workers who make many stops within the cities, who will be able to have an optimal visibility on the so-called vulnerable road users, i.e. those who move by bicycle, moped or on foot and who , in 2019, accounted for around 70% of the victims of road accidents in urban areas in Europe. The smart mirror will also benefit companies, as it will reduce costly accident-related repairs and can also help lower insurance premiums. (ITALPRESS). ads / com 01-Apr-21 16:18

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