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Gentiloni: “We need a common debt for common expenses”

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Gentiloni: “We need a common debt for common expenses”

MILANO – Common debt for common goods. The EU commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, without directly mentioning the Eurobond issue, returns to press European countries on the issue of collective debt to cover some European expenses. “How can we guarantee that no one will be left behind? We have more balanced rules, but steps forward are needed, in my opinion it is very clear: common financing of what are European common goods is part of the solution to these problems. This form of fair debt can be the beginning of a new pact for intergenerational solidarity at a European level”, said Gentiloni, al PSE congress underway in Rome. “The two black swans of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine have shaken economies, but the response has been unprecedented, marked not by austerity but by fairness and solidarity. I am proud of the Sure tool that paved the way for Next generation Eu”.

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“More jobs but wages haven’t gone up”

Gentiloni in his speech then highlighted how the PNRR funds supported the recovery but with the growth in prices did not lead to an increase in wages. “We cannot ignore the challenges facing citizens, inflation has fallen, but prices today are 10% higher than two years ago and wages have not been able to follow this trend, our recovery plan has created jobs jobs, but it didn’t raise wages,” he said.

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“Tax, rebalancing the burden between capital and labour”

“Taxation – Gentiloni also added – has a role in financing our objectives and for a more equitable order: it is important to rebalance the burden of taxes between capital and labour. Europe needs to reduce inequalities, a law that allow us to do this.”

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