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Guizhou Aims for 700,000 New Energy Vehicles by 2026, with 40% of New Car Sales

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Guizhou Aims for 700,000 New Energy Vehicles by 2026

Guizhou, a province in southwestern China, has set a target of having 700,000 new energy vehicles (NEVs) in stock by 2026, with NEVs accounting for 40% of new car sales. The announcement was made by Ao Hong, director of the Guizhou Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, during a recent new energy industry chain docking meeting.

The province aims to accelerate the development of a green, low-carbon, and circular economic system. To achieve this, the General Office of the Guizhou Provincial People’s Government has issued guidance on promoting the high-quality development of the NEV industry and promoting the construction of “Electric Guizhou.”

According to the guidance, the promotion and application of NEVs will be accelerated, especially in the public transportation sector. By 2024, new energy vehicles will account for over 90% of new and updated urban buses in each city and state, with Guiyang, the capital city, aiming for 100% adoption.

In addition to fostering the use of NEVs, Guizhou plans to improve the supporting infrastructure for these vehicles. The province aims to increase the construction of charging and swapping facilities in public parking lots, such as shopping malls, supermarkets, cultural and sports venues, transportation hubs, and park-and-ride points. Furthermore, all newly built residential areas will be equipped with charging infrastructure or have reserved charging facilities installation conditions.

To encourage the widespread adoption of NEVs, Guizhou will also introduce preferential policies for highway tolls and parking lots dedicated to NEVs. The province will also implement peak and valley time-of-use electricity prices, further reducing the cost of using NEVs.

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Guizhou has seen rapid growth in the number of NEVs in recent years, with the total reaching 165,000 by the end of 2022. The province has also achieved full coverage of charging piles in all towns and villages.

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