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Health – Organ donation register is further delayed

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Health – Organ donation register is further delayed


Berlin (German news agency) – The federal government apparently needs more time to set up the planned organ donation register. This is reported by the “Rheinische Post” (Friday edition), citing a response from the federal government to a small request from the Union faction.

Accordingly, the register is not expected to go into operation until next year. The Federal Government explains the delay in setting up the register as a demanding, complex digital project. “In view of the special sensitivity of the stored declarations, high demands must be placed on data security and the authentication procedures of the declarants and the authorized personnel in the hospitals.” The organ donation register, in the design and development of which more than seven million euros have been invested so far, is now expected to be ready for use in the first quarter of 2024. Union health politician Stephan Pilsinger (CSU) accused Health Minister Karl Lauterbach (SPD) of delaying the implementation of the law to strengthen decision-making in organ donation. It has already been passed by the Bundestag and came into force on March 1, 2022. The register is included. “The fact that Lauterbach is not fulfilling his responsibility as Federal Minister of Health to implement the law that the Bundestag passed long ago, against which he voted as a simple member of parliament, smells like deliberate procrastination. Especially when he is now calling for the contradiction solution to be debated again,” said pilsinger. The health policy spokesman for the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Tino Sorge (CDU), added: “The Federal Minister of Health has obviously not made Parliament’s mandate to strengthen the decision-making process for organ donation a top priority.”


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