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How do well-established domestic products become “Internet celebrities” that frequently appear in the industry? _China Economic Net

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Title: Old Domestic Products Become New Internet Celebrities, Sustain Popularity Through Quality and Innovation

Xinhua News Agency, Hangzhou, February 8th: How can “Internet celebrities” who are well-established domestic products frequently appear in the industry become “long-lasting”?

Xinhua News Agency reporters Li Ping and Zhang Xuan
The sales of domestic beauty products such as Fenghua, Yu Meijing, and Kong Fengchun have doubled; the “Three Old Men of Vitality 28” sold out for 5 million yuan overnight… In recent years, with the blessing of live broadcasts, old domestic products have “reappeared” and attracted fans Many consumers.
Why are old-fashioned domestic products from “mother’s generation” so popular among consumers?

“Old Face” Transformed into “New Internet Celebrity”
Recently, a man in Henan posted a video of a Weinig washing machine produced in 1997 and speculated that the manufacturer may have gone bankrupt. Unexpectedly, the official account of Weinig Manufacturer responded in its comment area that day that “it has not closed down, but is still persisting” and decided to provide free “old-for-new” services. This matter immediately became a hot topic, and many netizens showed off their own powerful washing machines. One netizen said that “it is still in normal use after 30 years.”

“The interaction between manufacturers and netizens is a very clever brand public relations. It strengthens consumers’ awareness of the good quality of brand products and good purchase services, and provides a reference for old washing machines.” said Meng Lingguang, a researcher at the Shanghai Advertising Research Institute.

The Weinli washing machine, which is famous for its “excellent quality”, is actually an “old face” that people knew well in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1989, it ranked first in production and sales in the country, and in 1995, it was awarded the title of “China’s King of Washing Machines”… “Weili” is an unavoidable name in the development history of China’s washing machine industry.

“If you can’t stay at the top, then go back to the past.” This is the introduction of the new media account of Vitality 28, a veteran domestic product.

In September 2023, the “middle-aged and elderly anchor group” composed of three uncles carried out live broadcasts in workers’ production scenes. With their differentiated presentation that did not understand the operation and did not know how to do the work, but was sincere and simple, with a sense of joy, it attracted 600 million fans, and sales reached 5 million yuan overnight. The new peak of traffic and sales brings hope to Hubei Vitality Group, which is on the verge of bankruptcy.

In the “Domestic Products Gala” in September 2023, “Tinmen time-honored brand” Yu Meijing also “connected to the Internet overnight” and settled on major platforms. So far, the sales volume of Yu Meijing’s popular single product “Yu Meijing Children’s Cream Bag” on Tmall has exceeded 300,000.

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From home appliances, washing and care to clothing and beauty, long-established domestic brands in various categories have entered the live broadcast e-commerce track.

Tmall data shows that in the past year, 2,840 Chinese brands on Taobao and Tmall had a turnover of over 100 million yuan, accounting for 75% of all brands over 100 million yuan; there are also emerging domestic brands that have been established less than three years ago. A big international brand, becoming the first in the sub-category. In the shopping carts of consumers born after 1995 and 2000, more than 80% are domestic products.

Seize the market trends and seize the popularity of well-established domestic products
The “old faces” of domestic products have turned into “new Internet celebrities”. Behind the rebirth and continued popularity of old domestic products is a keen grasp of the trend.

“China’s industrial and supply chains are becoming more complete, and they are gradually moving from the ‘world factory’ at the bottom of the smile curve to the upstream of the world value chain.” Zhang Chuanchuan, a researcher at the School of Economics at Zhejiang University, said that the increased recognition of national brands is also an important factor in the rise of established domestic products. reason.

The two-way rush between the live streaming economy and customer value selection is an important factor in the “popularity” of established domestic products. According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, in the first ten months of 2023, national live broadcast sales exceeded 2.2 trillion yuan, boosting consumer demand and injecting vitality into economic development.

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“Live broadcast rooms of all sizes recommend domestic products to more consumer groups, making domestic products popular among the public.” said Qi Zhenbo, chairman of Meizhi (Shanghai) Network Technology Co., Ltd.

“Compared with the various routine marketing methods such as coupons, discounts, and after-sales gifts, the old brand’s ‘plain business war’ strategy of winning through ‘quality and price’ can directly hit the hearts of young consumers.” “Post-00s” Hangzhou girl Xiao Hu said.

The return of well-established domestic products to the favor of the consumer market depends more on the company’s integrity and innovation.

Kong Fengchun, founded in 1862, is a time-honored Chinese brand. Wu Wenqin, chairman of Hangzhou Kong Fengchun Cosmetics Co., Ltd., said that non-adulteration and genuine products are the bottom line that the company has adhered to for many years. With the support of live broadcast e-commerce, the company’s sales will increase exponentially from 2021 to 2023, and more than 70% of its consumers are young and middle-aged people.

“Product strength will always be the cornerstone of the development of domestic products.” Wu Wenqin introduced that in 2023, Kong Fengchun’s R&D investment will be close to 6% of sales.

With various joint efforts, the market competitiveness of domestic brands has been further enhanced.

According to data from the Ministry of Commerce, in 2022, China’s time-honored enterprises will achieve operating income of more than 1.2 trillion yuan, nearly 70% of enterprises will achieve profits, tax contributions will reach 270 billion yuan, and they will employ 872,000 people. In the first three quarters of 2023, the operating income of Chinese time-honored enterprises has exceeded the level of the whole year of 2022, and the development momentum is strong.

To make “Internet celebrities” become “long-lasting”, quality and innovation are the last words.

Established domestic products have collectively left the industry, and the benefits brought by traffic have doubled the sales of many brands. But the traffic boom will eventually subside. For domestic products to lead the market and achieve long-term sales and success, quality and innovation are the key.

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“After the consumption wave has passed, how to maintain popularity, continue to leverage the live broadcast economy, and promote their own transformation and development is a new test for domestic brands. Only by keeping in mind the original intention and empowering innovation in openness and inclusiveness can domestic consumption remain popular for a long time. ” said Pan Helin, a researcher at the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of the International Joint Business School of Zhejiang University.

“The sudden popularity of old domestic products highlights the typical characteristics of media communication. If there is no continuous attraction, it is easy to lose popularity in a short period of time. It is still necessary to fundamentally change the business methods and ideas, and carry out innovative and iterative models to win the market. Cui Lili, a professor at the Department of Digital Economics at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, said that the “hot selling” of old-fashioned domestic products cannot only rely on sentiment; if you want to live well, or even return to the top, you must also rely on continuous innovation capabilities and systematic management capabilities.

Ye Guofu, chairman of the board of directors and CEO of Miniso, believes that brand confidence comes from technological and cultural confidence. Only when technology catches up with international brands and only when creativity is continuously output can the confidence of Chinese brands be strengthened.

“Whether it is an old domestic product or a new domestic brand, they are currently in the initial stage of brand building and promotion. They need to rely on technological innovation and quality improvement to achieve long-term success.” Zheng Rujing, founder and CEO of the new domestic brand Shipei Si, said that to become stronger Building a good domestic brand is not only a rare opportunity, but also related to high-quality economic development. From innovation investment and quality upgrading to operating mechanisms and brand premiums, domestic products still need to solve multiple problems.

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