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INPS, Caridi: “The new income with the inclusion allowance starts in January”

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INPS, Caridi: “The new income with the inclusion allowance starts in January”

“Applications for the new income will start in mid-December”

“We will bring forward the applications for the new tool, the Inclusion Allowance, the ADI, which starts in January to mid-December: we are ready”. This was announced in an interview with ‘Repubblica’ by Vincenzo Caridi, general director of the INPS who takes stock of the citizen’s income, explaining how “from April 2019 to today, approximately 34 billion have been spent for an average monthly amount per family of 540 euros per month. We reached the peak of spending in 2021: 8.8 billion for 1.3 million families. In January of that year, in the midst of the pandemic, we reached 1.4 million beneficiary families In December we will pay 700 thousand checks, half and also the minimum level.”

Caridi explains that “the families that leave the measure have a higher ISEE than those who remain and therefore have checks that are on average 4% higher. Since September, the suspension of the income after 7 months of use has also had an impact. In October, 820 thousand families took it”. But the INPS general director also observes that there was a lack of “connection with active policies. The benefits for hiring workers have not exceeded 1,500 contracts from 2019 to today. The new measures will have a greater impact, thanks to Siisl. The intersection between job supply and demand will be increasingly efficient and supported by artificial intelligence. The most targeted offer of training and social policies. There are all the conditions for a leap in quality.”

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As for the families leaving the Income who applied for the 350 euros of training and work support “there are 74 thousand, but the applications for SFL that arrived by 6 December were higher: 124 thousand, 56% women, average age 42 years, Campania and Sicily in the lead with 61,300 applications. Some recipients have decided not to apply for the new tool. Others who perhaps were former Income beneficiaries have returned. However, of the 124 thousand applications, those completely inserted into Siisl with the curriculum and with the signed Pad, the digital activation plan, are only 49,300″ he concludes.

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